Flight of the Butterflies (2012)

Flight of the Butterflies (2012)
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  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Biography
  • Release year: 2012 ()
  • Running time: 40 min
  • Original Title: Flight of the Butterflies
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It is a natural history epic. It is a detective story. Join hundreds of millions of real butterflies on an amazing journey to a remote and secret hideaway, and one scientist's 40-year search to unravel the mystery - where do they go each fall? Experience the Flight of the Butterflies.

1Gordon PinsentDr. Fred Urquhart
2Patricia PhillipsNorah Urquhart
3Shaun BensonKen Brugger
4Stephen BogaertFred Urquhart
  • A fascinating IMAX film by 9

    I saw Flight of the Butterflies at the IMAX theater of the American Museum of Natural History. This was one of the most interesting short films I ever saw in an IMAX theater. Usually the films take advantage of the format, even abuse it, without much story. This film has an excellent story line. The IMAX format allows the viewer to immerse into the presented world, but you never feel they made this for the sake of showing off the IMAX. I learned about the butterflies in these 45 minutes more, than in my entire life. I came to admire and appreciate them. Without giving too much away and any spoilers, I can tell you it follows an individual specimen through a complete cycle for a year. You will be amazed. I would recommend it to anyone age 3 to adult.

  • An average film, if we're being honest by 7

    I was looking forward to seeing this film, both for the IMAX 3D format, and for the Monarch butterflies which are in news recently for declining population.

    Cons first: This film doesn't really make much use of the 3D format. Those things which have the most 3D effect appear to be CGI, rather than actual butterflies. I don't know whether they are, but the fact they look like they might be is disappointing. Peter Jackson is right when he switched to High Frame Rate for 3D, to reduce motion blur or snapshot effect, and look more life-like. Also, the IMAX at the Henry Ford Museum seems to have some trouble holding 3D together. Sometimes there's 3D, and sometimes (particularly toward the edges of the screen) there's just two flat 2D images next to each other. I attribute that to the theatre, rather than the film. But viewers should be aware that it can happen.

    Pros: This is more on the monarchs than I've seen before. But it's presented at a level that kids can understand. And it does seem to do a good job of covering the story of the discovery of the migration route between places like Toronto, ON, and a forest in Mexico. Actors portray Urquhart and his wife, and two other in Mexico (Wikipedia says Brugger and Aguado, but I'm unsure if that's who they identified in the film). It is thrilling when the migration route is discovered, even though we all know it's coming.

    I'd recommend the film, but probably not in 3D, and maybe not in IMAX either. The content doesn't justify extra expense.

  • Watch in 3D!!!! by 8

    I saw this movie in 3D. Seeing children 2 - 12 all reaching out to catch the virtual butterflies was one of the best movie experiences I ever had.

    Don't get me wrong, the story itself is fascinating, and one can not help but marvel in the wonder of creation and the power of the human spirit. Monarch butterflies accomplish the seemingly impossible. Their very survival is threatened and the movie makes a compelling case for better stewardship of our planet without any finger pointing or name calling.

    Recently, I saw the movie again in 2D, to wow my friend. I am sad to say it was a disappointment.

    See this movie in 3D (only) and take the kids - you will thank me later.

    Brian A

  • A Golden Silence Would Have Been Better by 4

    Here's a classic case of bad music spoiling a movie. There is way too much of it and it is way too loud. I often found the need to mute the soundtrack and follow along with closed captions to spare myself the misery of the insipid score. Music should be enhancing, not overwhelming. In addition, I have to agree with other reviewers that some of the butterflies seemed to be the product of CGI, which was also disconcerting, as was the overall gearing of the film toward a school-aged audience. Nevertheless, the inspiring story of the Monarch migration and fortuitous convocation of events that resulted in its eventual discovery make this film worth viewing. But you might want to keep a finger close to the mute button.

  • A Truly Awesome Film by 10

    I saw this film about 1.5 years ago at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Wonderful film - it felt like you were actually there with the 3D. I have raised Monarch butterflies for 47 consecutive years as of summer 2015, and in the 1980s I sent Dr. Urquhart a letter about my monarch raising and received a kind, encouraging letter back from him in return which I will always cherish and be grateful for.

    I just recently discovered on Monarch Watch website for 2015 tag recoveries that one of my flutters raised from egg and released 9/1/15 was discovered in Rosario Hills, Mexico on 2/26/16, which I am just completely thrilled to know. I can only imagine how Dr. Urquhart felt when he found his tagged butterfly-he must have felt as if the heavens opened before him! There are very few things the word "awesome" is used to describe nowadays that are truly awesome, but this and this film are two of them. A must-see for everyone who loves the flutters!

1Leonardo Heiblumcomposer
2Jacobo Liebermancomposer
3Mike Sleedirector
4Jonathan Barkerproducer
5Rafael Cuervoproducer
6Wendy MacKeiganwriter