Framed (\N)

Framed (\N)
  • 64
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: \N ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Framed
  • Voted: 64

A moral discussion between sexes arises when an aspiring photographer secretly takes pictures of his barely dressed neighbour in the search for his artistic expression.

  • Voyeuristic art?... by 6

    A bit slow in the beginning but otherwise quite entertaining. A photographer takes voyeuristic photos of a woman in a building across the street. Is she unaware of this or is she a willing participant with an ulterior motive? Good performances by all...

  • Sneaky Good by 8

    A well told morality play on what is acceptable and how we handle pushing the boundary. Well acted and directed. Good production values. Worth a watch. I recommend. Makes you think a bit, which is never a bad outcome.

  • Well Acted Indie Film by 9

    Framed is a well acted and well directed indie drama. The setup had a hint of Rear Window, which I love, and it really was a fresh and distinct film, full of intrigue, ambiguity, and morality questions. An interesting watch for those in the mood for a good indie film.

  • A pleasant surprise by 9

    Everything about this movie was surprising: a very modern and actual theme, which is not quite a thriller, a moder and fluid screenplay, great performances by the actor and, finally, very nice direction.

    Very very recommended, to watch preferably with your partner! ;-)

  • Great indie movie! by 9

    Here's a great example of what a good script and a talented director can do with a low budget. The movie is beautifully shot, well acted, the script is solid and the story reminded me of Body Double and Rear Window. The soundtrack enhances everything. Really good indie, bravo!

1Matteo Reacinematographer
2Nick Rizzinidirector
3Daniel Drayproduction_designer