Front of the Class (2008)

Front of the Class (2008)
  • 6358
  • PG
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2008 ()
  • Running time: 95 min
  • Original Title: Front of the Class
  • Voted: 6358

After being challenged by Tourette's syndrome from a very young age, Brad Cohen defies all odds to become a gifted teacher. As Cohen grows up, he must face friends and classmates who don't realize that he sometimes cannot control his outbursts and a father who seems unwilling to accept his son's condition.

1James WolkBrad Cohen
2Treat WilliamsNorman Cohen
3Dominic Scott KayYoung Brad Cohen
4Sarah DrewNancy Lazarus
  • with a person with tourettes, this movie moved me. by 10

    one word to describe it. Wow.

    Front of the class is about the true story of a kid with tourettes who's lifelong goal is to become a teacher but has to overcome his obstacles with tourettes. with a dad that never accepted him as a son, kids who don't know anything about the desease and all the things in between but what made this movie great was the determination to not only people with tourettes or a disability but people who dog you by saying your no good for this or you will never amount to anything. the movie has good acting and the determination that goes along with the movie and the cast is top notch. this movie has heart, and with a guy that has tourette syndrome, i could relate and it kept me keeping all hope going and pursue my dreams. defiantly worth a watch if your curious about tourettes, or just a great drama that sucks you in.

    10/10. HIGHLY recommended.

  • Very well done movie by 10

    I was looking for other movies that Dominic Scott Kay had done and stumbled on this one and I bought it and then I remembered seeing advertisement for its airing, but sadly never watched it.

    This was the best movie I have ever seen and have never heard of Tourett's Syndrome. the acting was superb from everyone even to the little kids. Jimmy was great and really looks like an older Dominic. We loved Dominic in the Santa movies and on NCIS as the boy scout.

    I will only support the Tourette cause, I hope the real Brad Cohen stays happy and is a true role model for anyone with disabilities.

    I hope you will do a follow-up movie. I would like to see more from Jimmy and of course Dominic.

  • Superb hard-hitting drama! by 10

    I came home from work today, switched on my TV and randomly put a film on, and it happened to be this, and i was instantly drawn to it! this genre of films usually doesn't get me interested but the main actor, was fantastic, the adult version of Brad Cohen was excellent in his role! and you instantly liked him,the film develops well and you get to know the characters quickly and efficiently. I also loved the relationship problem between brad and his dad, just to make you feel even more sympathetic towards brad. There are some sad scenes that can make you upset, but there are superb scenes which have you laughing! i would highly recommend this film! 10/10

  • Very Inspiring Story by 7

    My wife told me I had to watch this movie with her because of how good it was. She was right! Front of the Class tells the inspiring story of Brad Cohen, based on the real life person. Brad (played by TV actor James Wolk) grows up in a broken family after his mom and dad divorce. Since his youth, Brad started making uncontrollable odd noises at random, with no ability to control them.

    His Mom, played wonderfully by Patricia Heaton (Raymond TV series), won't take the doctor's diagnosis of basically no explanation. She digs and digs and discovers Tourette's Syndrome, a neurological disease, with no cure. With unbelievable love and patience, much like Sally Fields in Forest Gump, she supports and encourages her son to pursue his dream of becoming a teacher.

    Brad goes through a tough time that demonstrates the ignorance of supposedly educated human beings as he interviews over and over for jobs in the education field. He has all the credentials from his studies - he needs a break.

    The film nicely weaves back and forth between the young Brad dealing with people not accepting him then, versus adults not accepting him as he's an adult. I can only imagine how frustrating this must have been.

    The movie also weaves in a complicated father/son relationship, nicely delivered by Treat Williams, a very strong performance.

    The ending will have you cheering, so yes, Hallmark movies are sappy. But this one will give you a nice warm heart. It's a perfect holiday movie to pick up your spirit and give you hope for a better world.

    See Front of the Class - you will enjoy it!

  • Even Better than King's Speech by 5

    Both "The King's Speech" and "Front of the Class" are centered around speech disabilities. The former around stammering and latter around tourette syndrome. I loved King's Speech. Especially in terms of acting, It is powerhouse but I loved this movie even more. It is much more realistic, and without the big obvious dramatic moments that are present in King's Speech.

    Nothing is represented as a do or die situation and there is a strong undercurrent of humor throughout. While tourette has a big affect on anybody's life, the main protagonist Brad Cohen is an elementary school teacher which really complicates things.

    A very inspiring story, in a lot of different ways. Whether it is the reason why he chose to teach, or his interviews for the job, or his interactions with his students, everything about the movie is humorous, touching and sublime all together at the same time. This movie remained with me for days.

    P.S. I know that Hallmark has a reputation for making sappy films but I can assure you that this is not like that.

1Ernest Troostcomposer
2Peter Wernerdirector
3Andrew Gottliebproducer
4Thomas Rickmanwriter
5Brad Cohenwriter
6Lisa Wysockywriter