Gateway Sound (2018)

Gateway Sound (2018)
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  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: 60 min
  • Original Title: Gateway Sound
  • Voted: 34

Exploring current music technology, how music is consumed, and how the recording studio fits into that puzzle. The gateway to a new era of sound.

  • Recording Studio Doc for Music Lovers! by 8

    I love this film on so many levels. I am biased as a musician who has recorded in many studios and has seen the changes over the last several decades. One of the wonderful things about this film is how much the people being documented love what they do. Kudos to the director, and I am certain many music professionals will enjoy this.

  • Spot the Dog goes to the recording studio by 3

    Synopsis, here's a grocery store, they sell groceries, lets have everyone tell us how they like going to the grocery store. Lets look around the grocery store and have people who work there tell us how they like working there...repeat ad nauseum.

    Its like a film about dentistry you see in the waiting room of a dentist.

    If you want to see and hear proper information, youtube all the famous recording studios, they'll give you the run down.

  • The REAL truth is: Daniel Ek and Sean Parker = Piracy and death of the independent creative professional. by 1

    Ya see, this is what happens when Spotify takes over.. death of the indie pro music industry. 1% or hobbyist. Thats it. Period. No money coming in = no money for recording in studios. This film is a joke peddling a lost cause to newbie wannabe dimwit suckers.

    Genius how Daniel Ek and Sean Parker (Spotify = Napster/uTorrent v2.0) managed to fool the masses into supporting their 'create the virus and provide the cure' scheme. In 2018 when Spotify went public, each of the owners (Ek, Parker, 3 major labels..) instantly received multi-billion dollar CASH payments. They just paid Joe Rogan $100,000,000. For a fn talkie podcast! And still, Spotify is literally actually suing musicians, indie record labels, rights organizations, the government itself and the almighty end all be all customers... devalue and destroy everything, swoop in, take over and take control.. global domination. 30% of all songs on Spotify have NEVER been steamed even one time. 98.6% of the world's artists average LESS than $12 per month in streaming royalties. On and on and on. Our current and future generations of quality indie professional creative arts are done and dusted (as is clearly presented and evident in this film). It's all about ads, clicks and data now. Thanks Silicon Valley!

    So to all you supporters, I say, enjoy your mandatory "diverse" all-you-can-eat garbage paint-by-numbers buffet style mobile phone "free" content subscription packages. You deserve this level of crap entertainment, now and forever.

1Alvaro Arocinematographer
2Justin L. Fisherdirector
3Karl Gerhardtproducer
4James Saboproducer
5Lori Saboproducer
6Scott Stoltzproducer
7Richard Fortusself
8Steve Lillywhiteself
9Vance Powellself
10Kristeen Youngself