Generation Baby Buster (2012)

Generation Baby Buster (2012)
  • 12
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Biography
  • Release year: 2012 ()
  • Running time: 91 min
  • Original Title: Generation Baby Buster
  • Voted: 12

Documentary feature following one woman's quest to uncover why her biological clock hasn't started ticking, before she runs out of time. Armed with insight from those that write and think about the current state of affairs for mothers, Terra, 32, confronts her own ambivalence towards children head on and offers up some baby food-for-thought to a new generation of women: the baby busters.

  • Great by 10

    Wonderful documentary. I loved the positive happy ending.

1Terra Rentondirector
2Jonathon L. Stewarteditor