Getting Blue in Color (1988)

Getting Blue in Color (1988)
  • 19
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 1988 ()
  • Running time: 102 min
  • Original Title: Kanashi iro yanen
  • Voted: 19

A man works at a bank. He is the son of a yakuza thug. One day his father's gang fights another group of thugs and the son steps in and helps. The son's high school class-mate is also the son of a yakuza member. This man does not want to fight if he does not have to. The bank employee helps his father's group transform into a computer accessory company. He is expecting money from his girlfriend's rich father however.

1Tôru NakamuraT?ru
2Masahiro TakashimaKei Kiriyama
3Miwako FujitaniMako
4Yuriko IshidaMiki
1Shigeru Umebayashicomposer
2Yoshimitsu Moritadirector
3Isao Tomitaeditor
4Mitsuru Kurosawaproducer
5Nobuhiko Kobayashiwriter