Go/Don't Go (2018)

Go/Don't Go (2018)
  • 76
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: 95 min
  • Original Title: Go/Don't Go
  • Voted: 76

Go / Don't Go is the story of Adam, the lone man living at the end of human existence, the last person alive. His daily routines keep him sane - wake up, brush teeth, forage for supplies, take out the trash, go shopping, check what needs to be checked, cross off what needs to be crossed off - but over the course of a harrowing few days, things begin to unravel for him as he is confronted with an unexpected terrifying possibility. Maybe Adam is descending into madness, or maybe he's not actually alone... Go / Don't Go is a post-apocalyptic psychological thriller, oscillating between a forgotten love story and inescapable paranoia.

1Olivia LuccardiK
2Bettina SkyeJane
3Nore DavisKyle
4Alex KnappAdam
  • i skipped through the movie....wtf is this??? by 2

    Started out ok in first 5 mis ,,then wtf?....ive got no idea what happened in this mess...i could not understand any of it ...made no sense....feel bad for the director reading these reviews...gave it 2 stars out of pity...could have been so much better....sorry to people who made it by giving 2 stars...but it was waste of time

  • It doesn't really go anywhere. by 3

    If I hadn't read the synopsis, after watching the film, I don't think I'd be any the wiser.

    Its nicely shot, and clearly was made on a budget, but there just doesn't seem enough here. I get the disjointed editing is supposed to put us in the same state as the protaganist but nothing ever gets beyond that and we never learn enough about the character or the events.

    I don't mind a slow film or a character study but this just isn't quite enough.

1Frankie Turianocinematographer
2Josh Rawsoncomposer
3Collin Daviseditor
4Derek Brownproducer
5Max Gardnerproducer
6Fiona Woodproduction_designer