Great World of Sound (2007)

Great World of Sound (2007)
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  • R
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2007 ()
  • Running time: 106 min
  • Original Title: Great World of Sound
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When a man answers an advertisement to train as a record producer, he's excited by the prospect of signing undiscovered musicians, only to discover his new job isn't all it's cracked up to be.

1Pat HealyMartin
2Kene HolidayClarence
3John BakerShank
4Robert LongstreetLayton
  • It's honest, it feels right, it's just doesn't go for it by 6

    Great World of Sound (2007)

    I've suddenly grown tired of Indie films like this. And there are a lot of them. So this is a bad vibes review. Sorry.

    Here's what I mean. There is a clever plot here, as usual, and some great low key acting, and the most drab and functional photography and editing. That's understandable (if not forgivable--good photography is free, but that's another story).

    But what's with the awkward nerdy reclusive oddball main characters. They're lovable, and I suppose they are meant to be a counterpart to the glitz of Hollywood's stars. But they are starting to imitate themselves. That is, I think Indie producers and directors and eventually actors are playing, on purpose, Indie parts, with an Indie style. It's lovable, but it's worn thin.

    So here we are, with a cute and slightly clever plot about the well known scam of small time record companies (quote unquote) who suck the millions of aspiring musicians into spending money on CDs that will never get airplay. I've seen it happen to a few people, over time, and there have even been dangles of fame, a has been musician wandering through the studio at the same time, that kind of thing. Who doesn't have a thousand dollars once in a lifetime for a dream that might not come true? Why not die knowing you wasted a little money for that good intention?

    And so these two very nice, somewhat naive men fall into the racket. They are victims themselves, and they create a trail of victims behind them. It's really charming and warm and maddening in all the right proportions. It's a pretty good story.

    But it's very mediocre, too, on purpose. It doesn't strive for greatness in the old sense of the "art of the cinema," as Hitchcock would say. This is about modest means, but also modest goals. And so the goals get met, and we have a modest movie. Enjoyable, yes. Amazing, no. Not even a little.

    And for me, I'd rather have a failed attempt at amazing than a successful stab at pretty darned good. Go ahead, have some fun watching it, and forgive me.

  • The feel-bad comedy of the year! by 7

    Although this is a very good movie, it's hard to say I "enjoyed" it because it's so painfully accurate. The world is full of dreamers and predators. This movie uses the music industry (perfect setting!) to illustrate the sad state of this "food chain".

    How, you ask, could this be a comedy? It doesn't have many big zingers, no silly hijinks, it's not a satire. The best description is to say it's like a documentary or reality show, exposing the two-facedness of good intentions. not exactly "haha funny" but funny in a sinister way that's hard to describe.

    The comedy comes mostly from the colorful characters and sheer bizarreness of the situations. In that respect it's kind of like "Pulp Fiction", the hyper-violent, disturbing Tarantino film which manages to be a comedy due to the colorful characters in the story. Like in "Pulp Fiction", here we get a lot of corny banter between the main characters Martin & Clarence, and all the while they're doing horrible things to innocent people's dreams.

    Unlike Pulp, this movie carries a strong moral statement which is what makes it even more serious. There are some powerful dramatic scenes where Martin & Clarence come to grips with what they're doing, each in his own interesting way. There is a stunningly powerful speech delivered by Clarence near the end which basically sums up everything that's wrong with the music industry and the human race. Don't miss it.

    There aren't many movies like this, so if you're in the mood for something original, do not hesitate to watch it. Also if you're in the music biz (particularly a fledgling artist wondering how to break in to the big time) SEE THIS MOVIE. You most definitely will encounter these types of con artists in the business, and this movie serves as a great warning. Or you can thank your lucky stars that you never met anyone like them.

    Movies I'd compare this to include: "Pumpkin" a pseudo satire of sorority life (and human society) starring Christina Ricci, "Believe!" a funny film about self-help salesmen, and maybe the Matt Damon flick "The Informant!" which isn't much like this movie, but it carries the same subtle humor where there are no big laughs but instead the bizarreness of it all makes you smirk throughout.

    Oh a final word about the music. Not talking about the satirically mediocre performances in the on-screen auditions, but the actual soundtrack itself is quite nice. Simple yet powerful brooding songs that really add to the atmosphere. Again, if you're a musician or a fan of music, definitely check this one out.

  • No Ethics, Suckers, and Questionable Talent Collide On Screen. by 7

    This, I thought, was a satire. It's not...What it is a story about con men who dupe some down on their luck types to steal from those who dare to dream. As such it quite depressing, but somehow it becomes entertainment as well. This fact is due to two actor's excellent performances which bring characters Martin and Clarence to life. Pat Healy and Kene Holiday make this movie and I will, from now on, always know who these guys are. Check them out here and you'll likely be instant fans too. This movie isn't fast paced or wonderfully enjoyable, but is seems real with the right amount of entertainment value to keep you interested. I give it a 7 and a recommendation as such.

  • Hits Home by 9

    I normally don't comment on movies but this one was important to me. It shows the GREET in the entertainment world. My brother is in a band and has been trying to make it big for years. His band has paid out thousands and thousands of dollars playing in shows and working on a CD. I never really understood why. He has played on numerous cd's and hasn't been paid a penny. In the end the record labels are always paid. This movie may have a little bit more truth than some want to admit or believe. For the few that make it in big time there must be 1000's that are in the same boat. I am going on and on because I have to type 10 full lines. lol

  • great indie film by 9

    I really enjoyed this film. I saw it with my brother the other night on netflix. The African-American actor was amazing. that guy should be and could be in a lot more films... His performance was captivating. I read about the film and heard the scenes with the talent was done with hidden cameras and mirrors. It is clear because the people who come in are all so real and distinct. The film is unique and original and that goes a long way. The film uses humor and an original story to deal with the American dream, and our obsession with recognition and the current wave of talent shows and reality shows, of fame, fortune and morality. Great first film from a new American director-- someone to follow for sure.

1David Wingocomposer
2Craig Zobeldirector
3David Gordon Greenproducer
4Missy Palmerproducer
5Richard A. Wrightproducer
6George Smithwriter