Guddu Ki Gun (2015)

Guddu Ki Gun (2015)
  • 640
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2015 ()
  • Running time: 130 min
  • Original Title: Guddu Ki Gun
  • Voted: 640

Guddu Ki Gun is the tale of Govardhan aka Guddu (Kunal Kemmu), a Bihari settled in Kolkata. He is a door-to-door washing powder salesman, whose sales pitch is "Ek washing powder ke saath Guddu free". While sharing a room with his close friend Ladoo (Sumeet Vyas), Guddu leads an amorous lifestyle in Kolkata. His travails begins when he ditches one of his girlfriends, Bholi (Aparna Sharma). Furious for forsaking his granddaughter, Bholi's grandfather casts a black magic spell on him. The only way Guddu can get rid of the curse is to find true love and by staying faithful to her.

1Kunal KhemuGuddu
2Payel SarkarKaali
3Aparna SharmaBholi
4Lacey BanghardItem girl
  • Comedy ..... low grade comedy but very good comedy by 7

    I really liked this movie. Though concept, story and many words are low grade but you might not sit 5 or 10 min without laughing.

    I find the film entertaining. Most of the people has given pretty low rating, but if you do not search for logics and simply enjoy dialogues and movie, you will have smile on your face.

  • Not like any other bollywood sex comedy! by 7

    I dont wanna write too muchThis movie is worth a watch ! Dont read any other review just try it yourself wont regret it.I can watch it again

  • This GUN is EXPLOSIVE by 10

    'Guddu Ki Gun' is a sex comedy and, better still, it is a preposterous story of the protagonist's male organ turning into, hold your breath, solid gold! While the premise of the movie itself evokes sniggers, one can't help but feel a tinge of admiration for the confidence with which the story has been turned into a two-hour film.

    The best thing about this film is that it unpretentiously and unabashedly stays true to its genre, thriving on double meaning dialogues and cheesy scenes. Guns and puns are used liberally, as if the scriptwriter was instructed to make maximum use of words like ling (a Sanskrit word for the male organ).

    With dialogues packed with rhymes, mispronunciations and double entendres, the film is a delightful adult comedy that keeps you in splits by the minute. The characteristic one-liners are crisp, tempered and never sound crass. If not funny, it at least elicits a chuckle. The script written by the director duo, takes the fantasy route to deliver fables and life's lessons meaningfully.

    The plot is skillfully crafted. Every character is quirky and well- etched. And every actor delivers a notable performance, albeit a bit over the top.

    Kunal Kemmu is a complete entertainer in this film. We are reminded of his super funny act in Go Goa Gone and it is great to see him apply his comic timing once again. His Bihari accent is superb and kudos to him for taking a film that is a comedy on the symbol of manhood. With an author-backed role, this film is Kunal Khemu's canvas, and he delivers gloriously. A natural actor, he effortless slips into Guddu's shoes, fluently speaking Hindi in the Bihari lingo. You laugh at him and with him, when he clowns around. You do not feel sorry for him when he is cursed. In fact, you patiently wait to see, if he is actually going to change as a person. And he wins your heart.

    Sumit Vyas may call himself a 'side hero' in the film but well, he comes across like the parallel lead. He nails Laddu's character and will leave you in splits with his act.

    With moderate production values, the film is shot on actual locales giving the film a realistic feel.

    Keiko Nakahara's guerrilla cinematography captures the pulse of Kolkata beautifully. Amar Mohile's reverberating music and background score is seamlessly layered with the visuals by editor Cheragh Todiwala, thereby enhancing the viewing experience.

    It is a sex comedy, so there are plenty of references to sex (and luscious women) and there is comedy. There are several laugh-out-loud moments and the director and the scriptwriter manage to keep you hooked throughout. If you are comfortable watching adult comedies, this one could entertain you because it actually has comedy. For a change, the baton of sex-related humor moves to the gents and hence it is quite a novelty in Bollywood. Overall, Guddu Ki Gun is a worthwhile watch to unwind. In spite of being the silliest film, Guddu Ki Gun actually makes you laugh.

  • Bad making ruined the fun by 3

    Director duo don't know a b c of film making, though their writing is interesting. How can a director shoot most of a film in fix block single shot, and that is when, film meant to be a comedy!! They even don't bother to use zoom leave the other things like trolley, crane, jimmy or other equipment, due to this bad taking you get feel of listening a story rather than watching a film. Fix blocks always kills humor. They could have learned from songs choreography or action sequences but they don't bother. Story is interesting in this genre. Even it had some beautiful emotional moments with subtle message. Screenplay is OK. Dialogues are good at places. Credit goes to Director, writer duo Mr. Shantanu and Mr. Sheershak. First half is very boring most of time due to bad making and taking, surprisingly there are some movement of shots in second half, which gives a bit relief. Climax Mughal-e-Azam play is well written but visually it's exaggerated. It could have been laughter riot but ends on jerky note. Background irritates too. Film looks old somehow. Performance wise Kunal Khemu as Guddu is very good. He is throughout balanced in a completely unbalanced film. Sumeet Vyas, as his friend Laddo is fine. Flora Saini as nurse is quite OK in her limited scope. Songs are just OK.

  • Only for Comedy purpose don't find logic plz. by 10

    Though you cannot watch with your family obviously but overall good to watch alone... Don't know why people find this bad coz it doesn't matter the topic there are several movies besides this which are Illogical but still doing business but in this movie you can find better comedy than others, characters are joyful making it interesting specialy kunal kemmu n sumit vyas were fantastic, overall it's good to watch give it a try.

1Keiko Nakaharacinematographer
2Amar Mohilecomposer
3Sheershak Ananddirector
4Shantanu Ray Chhibberdirector
5Cheragh Todiwalaeditor
6Sachin Jainproducer