Halloween at Aunt Ethel's (2018)

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2018 (2019-01-02)
  • Running time: 80 min
  • Original Title: Halloween at Aunt Ethel's
  • Voted: 755
Halloween at Aunt Ethel's is a movie starring Chris Cavalier, Melissa Daddio, and Sean Michael Gloria. Everyone in town knows the story of Old Aunt Ethel. It's said she makes Halloween candy and pumpkin pie out of the kids that...
1Chris CavalierRicky
2Melissa DaddioRachel
3Sean Michael GloriaMark
4Jason HenneJay
  • Bad movie with paid reviews. 2/11/2019 12:00:00 AM by Starantai 1

    There is some serious shilling going on here with this movie. 74% give this garbage 10/10. Another 15% award it 9 Stars which gets this movie a 7.9 rating overall. And there's a glowing review from an account with the directors name. Go figure.

    This is a slow moving, uninspired horror movie without any redeeming qualities. There is no real story. The director bought some Halloween props, hired a few college Students and an old lady with bad makeup who likes to lick fake dismembered body part props.

    You dont care about anyone on the screen and if you value your life time you shouldn't care about about this movie either.

    Avoid at all costs. Watch out for the shills.

  • Stay away!!!!! 2/12/2019 12:00:00 AM by godeewhatt 1

    I wish I could unseen whatever this was!!!!! Trust me for your own health and safety stay away!!!! Read a book draw color I don't care just don't watch this movie

  • Halloween at Aunt Ethel's: What was that all about? 1/22/2019 12:00:00 AM by Platypuschow 3

    2018's roll of terrible movies continues, it truly has become one of the worst movie years in history.

    Halloween at Aunt Ethels tells the wafer thin story of a mysterious old lady who rumor has it kills and cooks children on Halloween. Is it true or is it merely an urban legend? Better question, can you find it in yourself to care?

    An independent comedy horror I have to say it fails on both fronts. The character development dominates the film, the actual "Horror" rarely gets started and the comedy? This is not a funny film.

    It's essentially a naff horror with a couple of jokes total throughout the film. Granted the jokes are quite funny but oddly enough I expected more within the 90 minutes!

    The film simply never gets started, it contains plenty of T&A, it has a little bit of gore but beyond that? Absolutely nothing. This is shoddy film making, they have absolutely no idea how to structure a film and when the credits roll you'll be left deeply confused as to what you just watched.

    The Good:

    Boobs, I'm a simple man

    The Bad:

    Never really gets going

    Awfully structured

    Little comedy

  • Current high rating is obviously padded by the cast & crew 2/13/2019 12:00:00 AM by jorgito2001 2

    Just finished this movie on Prime thinking I might be in for a simple, fun Halloween Horror movie, what I got was a poorly acted, crapfest that is arguably the worst horror movie available on Prime. A shame, cause it looks like this movie was filmed around my hometown (Tampa Bay area). I gave it a 2 based on the hot women in this film who aren't ashamed to bear all...otherwise, skip this POS!

  • Wasted potential 1/20/2019 12:00:00 AM by scarlettsdad 3

    First of all, I decided to watch this because it had a 7.3 rating. The reason is because there were only three reviews at the time, with a 1 a 2 and a 10. The 10 was highly suspicious. So in order to try and drag the rating down to something that doesn't fool potential viewers, I'm adding another review.

    This isn't a putrid film, but it isn't a great film either. It's more of an "eh" film. The "teens" are all annoying and spoiled, and I wanted them all to die. And having "Aunt Ethel" being portrayed as a nasty, evil witch was, in my opinion, a major mistake. I was expecting a kindly, matronly looking woman who you'd never suspect of being a child killer. Their use of music would match that appearance, but it didn't match a witch. The editing was choppy and the ending out of nowhere. I was bored through the entire film, but was determined to see if it would somehow redeem itself but no, it did not.

    The best I can do is a 3. Grudgingly.

1Mikee Plastikcomposer
2Joseph Mazzaferrodirector
3Mazz Appealeditor