Harvie and the Magic Museum (2017)

Harvie and the Magic Museum (2017)
  • 201
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Hurvínek a kouzelné muzeum
  • Voted: 201

Harvie is a smart but a bit too lively boy with one ambition, to finish the last level of his computer game. Once in the Gamers Hall of Fame, his absent-minded father, would finally be proud of him. But finishing the game turns out to be only the start of a real adventure that takes Harvie, his dog Jerry, and his friend Monica deep into the forgotten realms of the city's old puppet museum.

1Martin DejdarCert
2Ota JirákBrucoun
3Martin KlásekHurvínek,Spejbl
4Jirí LábusCert
  • Avoid at all costs!!!!! by 2

    Dire... An absolutely awful movie to be avoided at all costs. A muddled story line, bland imagery and uncomfortable script make this one of the worst children's movies I've ever seen!

  • just awful by 1

    Horrible script, design, animation...: awful! Despite this; my 5years old daughter love it!

1Inna Evlannikovadirector
2Martin Kotíkdirector
3Jesper Møllerwriter
4Petr Nepovímwriter
5Miki Kirschnerwriter
6Dan Harderwriter