Heart Blackened (2017)

Heart Blackened (2017)
  • 722
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Crime
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 125 min
  • Original Title: Chim-muk
  • Voted: 722

Tae-san is a man who truly has everything - money, fame, and power. Everything that a man can desire. He has two women who he wouldn't change for the world. They're his only daughter, Mira, and a chart- topping pop star fiancee, Yuna. Tae-san wants them to get along, but Mira doesn't take kindly to her stepmother-to-be. One day, Yuna gets killed in a horrific accident, and Mira is arrested as the suspect. Tae-san firmly believes that his daughter is not the killer and mobilizes all his resources to protect her. He finds out about Yuna's stalker, Dong-myung, who knows the truth about the accident, and he hires Hee-jung, a lawyer that Mira trusts like her sister. Working with them, Tae-san orchestrates a risky plot to find his fiancee's real killer. The man who has the world is about to change it.

1Min-sik ChoiYim Tae-san
2Shin-Hye ParkChoi Hee-jeong
3Jun-yeol RyuKim Dong-myeong
4Lee HaneeYuna
5Soo-kyung LeeMira
  • More a 7.5 than a 7 by 7

    This film's weak point is the seemingly predictable slow place. A presumptuous viewer, like myself, would draw conclusions and either walk-out or doze off. The script, for the most part, simply lacks engagement. Luckily I sat it through. What'll seem to be a stupid plot will prove otherwise if you can summon the patience until about the last 10 minutes. Despite a very good performance, Choi Ming-sik still needs to find a script with a Korean director (or otherwise) who can tap into his reserves, of the likes of past reminiscent performances, which we saw in Old Boy, I saw the Devil, Failan, etc. I still remain a HUGE fan though!

  • Great movie! by 10

    This is one of the best movies I have seen in the last few weeks. Excellent plot, well-paced (I am not sure why some reviewers were considering it slow, were they expecting an action movie???).I watched with with increasing interest from beginning to the end and haven't felt bored for one second.

  • Would not recommend for a typical viewer by 1


    • Great plot twist
    • Everything will be explained at the ending
    • It is so slow I dozed off about four times but still could catch up with what's going on.
    • The environments filmed are extremely dark and possess low lighting. This goes on for the majority of the movie. It makes the whole film seem extremely depressive and gloomy. Can be unsuitable for people who are not comfortable with low lighting filming.
    • The movie lacks engaging content. Be prepared, if you were to watch the movie, to completely wander off or start to daydream because this movie is almost 90% of silence and just cameo around characters.
    • It's recommended that you catch this if you're experiencing insomnia. It will help you sleep better.

  • Too improbable by 3

    Slow and hard to follow at first with dim lighting throughout. Then there is a ridiculous twist near the end. It's just way too improbable to recreate fake footage and take the blame for his daughter but it is fascinating to watch them do it. Park Shin Hye fans will be disappointed as her part is not that big. Did not feel that the fatherly love thing that moving.

    Not worth watching.

  • Greatt by 7

    I like the plottwist & actor choi min sik was doing good act..????

1Ji-woo Jungdirector
2Sung-ik Wangeditor
3Syd Limproducer