Her Bridal Night (1956)

Her Bridal Night (1956)
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  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 1956 ()
  • Running time: 95 min
  • Original Title: La mariée est trop belle
  • Voted: 171

A country girl is discovered by a Paris magazine and becomes a top model

1Brigitte BardotChouchou
2Micheline PresleJudith Aurigault
3Louis JourdanMichel
4Marcel AmontToni
  • Lovely, naive BB! by 5

    Sweet and lovely Brigitte Bardot is almost in her own world in this delightful "love" story from the mid-50's. Louis Jourdan is his usual suave Frenchman and Ms. Presle is amusing and driven, but Ms. Bardot (as usual) walks away with the film. Playing a model (by accident) she glides through situations without getting stressed, looking stunning the entire time.

    A 5 out of 10. Best performance = B. Bardot. Not much of an acting challenge for BB and the others, but lovely musical score and great location shooting and just fun. I'm catching up on Ms. Bardot's film and find her delightful, charming and always a treat to the eye. This was right before her "sex" image burst onto to the screen in AND GOD CREATED WOMAN.

  • Brigitte needs a husband badly! by 7

    This early Brigitte Bardot movie is not special in any cinematographic way, but the story is not bad and Brigitte is quite enchanting. Many situations cleverly call for her to walk around in her underwear or night dress. This kind of movies gave other countries, especially America and England, the reason to refer to any daring movie from the continent as a 'French Movie'. All together, not a movie mile-stone, but not a bad flick either.

1Louis Pagecinematographer
2Norbert Glanzbergcomposer
3Pierre Gaspard-Huitdirector
4Philippe Agostiniwriter
5Odette Joyeuxwriter
6Juliette Saint-Giniezwriter