High Voltage (1997)

High Voltage (1997)
  • 537
  • R
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 1997 ()
  • Running time: 95 min
  • Original Title: High Voltage
  • Voted: 537

A bank, where Bruce Lee's daughter plays manager, is a Vietnamese mob front. When a group aborts their try,mobsters try to kill them. Much gun play,but robbers and bank manager, who has turned on the mob,show off martial arts skills. A preemptive strike kills some, but fails to kill the boss.

1Antonio Sabato Jr.Johnny Clay
2Shannon LeeJane Logan
3William ZabkaBulldog
4Lochlyn MunroLarry
  • really good action by 8

    Although the plot is really transparent action and cast made this movie look better. Acrobatic fights and shooting are nicely done, you can watch them over and over again. This is type of movie to relax after long day.I like this one and I recommend it to anyone who like well done action and tired for the day of thinking.Just sit back relax and enjoy the show. I gave it 8 out of 10

  • Excellent John Woo Style Action Movie. by 7

    This movie is really good, especially for a direct to video movie. The gunfights are cool and the fights are well executed. Lots of action to keep people happy. The theme song is awesome! I saw this movie almost a year ago and I still find myself humming the theme from time to time! A sure bet for action fans!

  • Not Bad John Woo Style Action Film With Good Performances and Plenty of Action That Overcome A Weak Script by 6

    It's kind of a weak film, but it's rather entertaining and the late night crowd in the mood for a fast and fun actioner should enjoy it. I thought the cast did a fine job, Antonio Sabato Jr., is a cool action hero and I was glad to see the great, rising young star Lochlyn Munroe (Dead Man On Campus, A Night At The Roxbury) in it as one of Sabato's members who may or may not be a bad guy. Shannon Lee (Bruce's daughter) and some famous Hong Kong stars also turn in good performances. Done in the style of John Woo, this has lots of fast paced shoot outs, good surprises and twists, and a cool "Pulp Fiction" like score in the background. The story is cliched at times and it gets a bit melodramatic when it comes to the end, but I still enjoyed this film and it should please ones looking for a good way to kill 90 minutes.

  • An excellent film that was totally under rated by 8

    An excellent film that was totally under rated. the film comes across as having a very "pulp Fiction" feel to it, and yet it delivers a lot of fun action!! . "High Voltage" really marked the action debut of Shannon Lee , alongside Antonio Sabato Jr looking the most impressive martial arts wise he's ever looked.

  • This movie reaches all time lows in the Awful Cheesy Kung Fu Movie genre. by 1

    I laughed so hard watching this movie I nearly killed myself. It is so unbelievably bad and so completely unaware of how bad it is that you can't help staring in shocked disbelief. The dialogue is horrible, the acting sucks (save for a pretty OK performance by Monroe), and the directing is a textbook of cheesy bad timing. But what really makes the film worth watching is the action sequences. These little cut rate gems rival even the worst overseas, badly dubbed monstrosities. Examples: A guy dies from a gunshot wound to the shoulder; people jump off walls and fly 20 feet in the air; Every time somebody turns quickly or reaches for something, you get the ever popular "whoosh" sound effect. This movie is horrible, but it's a great late night choice if you want to see just how bad bad film making can be.

1Philip D. Schwartzcinematographer
2Stephen Edwardscomposer
3Isaac Florentinedirector
4Yoram Barzilaiproducer
5Ivon Visalliproducer
6Mike Mainswriter