Hiro's Table (2018)

Hiro's Table (2018)
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  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Hiro's Table
  • Voted: 36

Shot over a sixteen year span, Hiro's Table takes an intimate look at master chef Hiroshi Obayashi and his family as they emigrate from Japan to start a thriving restaurant in a Hollywood strip mall.

  • American Immigrant Experience by 10

    HIRO'S TABLE is such a beautiful film-a respectful, intimate, emotionally authentic portrait of a lovely man and his family. Director Lynn Hamrick went beyond Hiro's obvious culinary genius to reveal a philosophy-maybe even a moral code-that shapes and informs the experience of eating the food he prepares. A deeper experience that his patrons are surely aware of, even if they can't specifically articulate it. I came away from the screening loving him and his family and Lynn for bringing his story to the screen. HIRO'S TABLE is a story about the American immigrant experience-the risks, perseverance, happy accidents, losses and successes of a humble man, the dream that fueled his achievements, and the family that believed in him. A real gem. Bravo!

  • Comfort food for the eyes by 10

    I saw this documentary at the Asian American Latino Film Festival in New York City and was delighted by the warmth and sensitivity of both its subjects and its storytelling. This movie is not just about a great culinary artist and the restaurant where he dazzled L.A. foodies with his craft, it is a moving exploration of how we should conduct our lives and relate to our families.

  • A True Gem by 10

    Throughout this beautifully intimate film thrums the spirit of what makes us human, what unites us. At this time in our country, finding this gem was a comfort in remembering how sweet life can be. Watching Hiro prepare his meals is a five-sensory pleasure. Love this film!

  • Singular focus by 10

    The story of an artist, passionate chef, and his bedrock wife. Their restaurant and family sagas moved me to tears both times I watched it. The spectacular highs of success, the inevitable valleys, so human, and the food, god the food!

  • Inspiring Story about a Family in the US by 10

    The story of Hiro's Table is so inspiring. It's about a family in Los Angeles and shows their hard work and consistent effort to serve food at their restaurant of the highest quality and still be prosperous. It shows how they work over a period of time and the changes they go through.

1Lynn Hamrickdirector
2Gail Yasunagaeditor