His Name Is John (\N)

His Name Is John (\N)
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  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release year: \N ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: His Name Is John
  • Voted: 64

Ten year old Jo spends her days along the Shenandoah River with her best friend Selma, fishing, scrapping for metal-surviving. But when her abusive junkie stepdad dies, Jo decides, Selma in tow, to dump the body, steal the car, and set off across the country in search of her real dad, a legendary folk singer in Los Angeles.

1Jim ConstableBill
2Daniel DucaDonnie
3Mary Cate WilliamsJo
4Elisa DucaSelma
  • A candle in the night of out world by 9

    A rare jewel in the tornado of super hero movies. The journey of Jo is not just the search for her biological father. It is far more a joint journey for the spectators with Jo as she coldly penetrates the world of adults with her only friend Selma. While the movie can be summarized in a few sentences, the emotional attachment we develop for Jo and her friend grows enormously up to the end. Heartbreaking with very dim lights of hope. Mary Cate Williams delivers a sensational performance, supported by the touching help from Eliza Duca. A movie to watch with your heart.

  • Score Overkill by 4

    After watching the trailer I thought this film had the potential to be great. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. The shaky camera movements and what sounded like the same song playing on repeat every five minutes became intolerable. Felt like I was watching a music video. After about an hour in I had to turn it off. 4 stars.

  • Really nice road trip movie by 9

    No special effect, simple and effective road trip of an 10 year old trying to find her real father. The discussions of the 2 friends are profound and bring some philosophy to this world.

  • Her Name Was Jo by 9

    At first I was kind of reluctant to watch an hour and a half during movie about two ten year old girls. But the film pretty much captivated me right from the start. Mainly due to it's really nice paced dreamy but realistic filming, ànd the heartwarming solid acting of the two starring roles. In contrast to their ages, their performance showed real friendship, persistence through willpower and maturity so incredibly well I could hardly believe it.

    The story too was very well written. It was able to show realism parallel to symbolism without disturbing, no even strenghtening the main theme line.

    During the movie, the acting and story increase to build a symbiotic relationship and keep lifting one and other to a higher level, and create such a strong final outcome.

    Most definitly worth watching.

    If you like this movie, be sure to check out 'The Dynamiter' as well..

1Jasper Granderathcinematographer
2George Sarahcomposer
3Joe Ducadirector
4Liza Mannproducer