Hissatsu shikakenin (1973)

Hissatsu shikakenin (1973)
  • 26
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 1973 ()
  • Running time: 87 min
  • Original Title: Hissatsu shikakenin
  • Voted: 26

A ronin for a hire (Koji Takahashi) and an acupuncturist (Jiro Otama) are members of an assassin's gild in Tokugawa Edo. The ronin is offered a position as a city magistrate by the corrupt magistrate he has been hired to assassinate, and struggles with the possibility of taking an "honest" job that is in reality less wholesome than his work as an assassin. Dr. Baian meanwhile is hired to kill a woman who he begins to suspect may be his own sister, from whom he was separated when still a boy.

1Jirô TamiyaBaian Fujieda
2Kôji TakahashiSanai Nishimura
3Taisaku AkinoMisaki no Senz?
4Tamio KawajiGozamatsu no Magohachi
1Masao Kosugicinematographer
2Hajime Kaburagicomposer
3Yûsuke Watanabedirector
4Akira Odaproducer
5Tetsurô Abewriter
6Shôtarô Ikenamiwriter