Holiday in Handcuffs (2007)

Holiday in Handcuffs (2007)
  • 5961
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2007 ()
  • Running time: 86 min
  • Original Title: Holiday in Handcuffs
  • Voted: 5961

Would-be painter Gertrude 'Trudie' Chandler loses her waitress job and boyfriend Nick on Christmas Eve, so her only shot to avoid feeling like her family's black sheep is to replace their ideal son-in-law with even-hunkier dream prince David Martin--by kidnapping him at gunpoint and dragging him to her family's holiday in a secluded, luxurious log cabin. Crazy lies prevent David from convincing the Chandler family that he's not Nick, and from escaping. When he finally passes a rescue call to his spoiled fiancée, David decides to play the perfect catch to make her undoing worse. Before the police rescue him, he and the family realize that they adore each other, the others all prove imperfect, and David and Trudie reassess their relationship after getting to know each other.

1Melissa Joan HartGertrude 'Trudie' Chandler
2Mario LopezDavid Martin
3Timothy BottomsDad Chandler
4Markie PostMom Chandler
  • Nice Surprise by 7

    A friend of mine recommended this film to me. I am glad I took his advice. This film was very good and it's one of the better Christmas Television Films I have ever seen.

    In this film a Trudie (Melissa Joan Hart) is an aspiring painter working as a restaurant waitress. With the pressure to please her parents (Timothy Bottoms and Markie Post) building, she misses a job interview and gets dumped by her boyfriend just before Christmas, and she has a nervous breakdown. Stressed about going home for the holidays without a boyfriend, she kidnaps David Martin (Mario Lopez), a random customer at the restaurant in which she works and introduces him to her parents as her boyfriend, Nick.

    Lots of great moments and so well made. If you want a great comedy to watch you won't go wrong watching this!

  • The great American con game. by 7

    Parents want their children to be successful. Children want to please their parents. Everybody puts on a happy face and are miserable inside. That is Trudie's (Melissa Joan Hart) problem. How to make her parents happy so they will love her. Things are not going her way, so she flips out and grabs Mario López to pass off as her boyfriend.

    "Saved by the Bell" and soap star Lopex and Hart eventually manage a truce that leads to love, as the rest of the family lets their skeletons out of the closet.

    Great family interaction, and holiday silliness. Destined to be one to watch every year.

  • This one was different... FUN! by 8

    I love Christmas movies!

    I watch as many as I possibly can throughout December, but let's face it... the plots can be kind of redundant for Christmas movies.

    Holiday in Handcuffs presented a NEW story line. While it was a little predictable as plots go, this particular story was new.

    It was funny, warm, and light-hearted. The story is a "chick flick" but, even my husband laughed throughout.

    Growing up with Saved by the Bell and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.. it was fun to see Mario Lopez and Melissa Joan Hart "all grown up." If you're looking for fun, light-hearted, holiday fare with an original storyline... I recommend this movie.

  • Dumb, but fun by 5

    An utterly ridiculous premise. A girl breaks up with her boy friend, and kidnaps a guy with hand cuffs to get him to pose as her boy friend for Christmas with her family. Make sense? Of course not, but it doesn't matter.

    Even using her Sabrina powers, I doubt the tiny MJ Hart could over power Mario Lopez. Nor is it likely the parents would be fooled by this absurd scheme, especially when the guy starts yelling to them for help! Well, it's a rom-com, so anything goes. On top of that, the Christmas theme demands the exact sentimental outcome you'll see coming more than 50 light years away. Even if you can't give it the poetic license it needs (a lot, lol), you can still laugh at how ludicrous the whole thing is.

    Silly nonsense, but utterly harmless. For a brainless diversion, this one, believe it or not, works.

  • Well worth a look by 7

    This movie actually has a well-made feel to it, like when everybody knows what they're doing and it's not just a studio spewing out TV fodder. MJH is always watchable, and there's a solid supporting cast.

    The Christmas theme is not over-cooked and there isn't too much vomit-inducing schmulzt (is that a word?) apart from one scene involving some fairy lights and ice skates.

    All the characters are solid and well-rounded, except perhaps David Martin who is a little too male-model for it to be believable. This doesn't really spoil it, however.

    There are some genuinely funny scenes, notably the Christmas dinner, edging just on the right (moderate) side of farcical. The characters are likable, the story has a warmth to it, and there a zillion worse Christmas rom-coms with far bigger budgets. So, well worth watching.

1Ron Underwooddirector
2Toni Coxproducer
3Craig McNeilproducer
4Murray Ordproducer
5Jordy Randallproducer
6Sara Endsleywriter