Hollywood.Con (\N)

Hollywood.Con (\N)
  • 85
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: \N ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Hollywood.Con
  • Voted: 85

Hollywood.con is a fast paced action adventure comedy. Similar to films Romancing the Stone and Get Shorty Everyone is in a race to make the next big Mayan movie- hurry quick- sell out your company.

1Mika Boorem\N
2Brian KrauseThe Director
3Tom ArnoldEl Jade
4Devin RatrayAndy Slimmick
  • Mika Boorem is multi talented! by 7

    Mika Boorem's newest film, Hollywood.con, is a wonderful piece of art that is a gem to watch!

    Mika's talents move well beyond being in front of the camera, which is where most of us are probably familiar seeing here in films like Blue Crush, The Patriot, and Along Came a Spider. Or the lesser-known, but heartwarming movie, Smile. To be sure Mika shines on-screen with her dynamic range and is truly an exceptional actor.

    Mika takes her skillsets to the next level with Hollywood.con as a director, writer, and producer. Films are a collaboration of artists and she masterfully brings together a talented pool of artists to produce a film that deserves to be watched time and time again. Each time the audience will gain new insights into the humor and commentary behind the tightly scripted masterpiece.

    Hollywood.con clips along at an entertaining pace and is wonderfully written. This is not a simple adventure comedy and the clever plot twists merge to create a delightful experience that takes us from Guatemala to Mexico and across America.

    Mika and her dad Ben Boorem teamed up to give us a witty, well-written, skillfully crafted film, with exceptional acting that the world needs.

  • Love it..! by 10

    Mika demonstrates her versatility as an actress and director. She has a lot of experience in acting from a very young age, now she is featured in film directing. Congratulations and I hope to see more of her in the future.

  • An MBA ( Mika Boorem is Amazing) in filmmaking by 10

    From child actress to major Tinseltown talent, Mika Boorem spreads her wings and displays her versatility in engineering incomparable entertainment as she takes on the mantle of directing and cowriting this tale of the ups, downs, ins, outs, intrigue, and a few devils in the city of angels.

  • Unique, original and easy fun! by 10

    Fun watching this unique film ... very original plot line. Reminds of early Wes Anderson with an array of well developed eccentric characters that you can't help but love.Quirky, weird with random exploits of adventure and mischief. Full of cameos and a lot of star power dropping in at every turn (keep your eye out for the likes of Billy Bob Thornton with his band the Boxmasters).

  • Hilarious and engaging by 10

    A must watch! Especially these days when so many movies seem like copies of each other. This was original and engaging til the end.

1Robert Murphycinematographer
2Lendell Blackcomposer
3Benjamin Booremwriter
4Cshediiz Colemanwriter
5Benjamin Lockmanwriter
6Michael Lindleywriter