Homeless at 17 (2019)

Homeless at 17 (2019)
  • 102
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2019 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Homeless at 17
  • Voted: 102

A street kid, Taylor (Ezmie Garcia), has been adopted by Sandy (Alexandra Paul) & Larry (Linden Ashby). They run a shelter for people in need, and rescued Taylor from the street, and a life of crime. Unfortunately, Taylor's past may be catching up with her. She's got a stalker, and he means business. Can she figure out who's behind this, and why before her new life is snatched away?

1Mariette HartleyMarnie
2Alexandra PaulSandy
3Linden AshbyLarry
4Andrew James AllenMiles
  • Fairly intense story about troubled teens by 7

    The title isn't quite accurate. It's a story about a teenage girl adopted by a caring couple who look after troubled and runaway teens. Someone seems out to get her. It takes some time to find out why. It's a fairly intense by LMN standards tale about troubled teens. The girl acts well. Usually like the TV movies with Alexandra Paul.

1Eric Andersoncinematographer
2Richard Bowerscomposer
3Jordan Jenseneditor
4Chase Wrightproduction_designer
5Stephen Romanowriter