Horse Girl (2020)

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  • Genre: \N
  • Release year: 2020 (2020-02-07)
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Horse Girl
  • Voted: 2966
Horse Girl is a movie starring Alison Brie, Molly Shannon, and Goldenite. A socially awkward woman with a fondness for arts and crafts, horses, and supernatural crime shows finds her increasingly lucid dreams trickling into her...
1Alison BrieSarah
2Debby Ryan\N
3Robin Tunney\N
4Paul Reiser\N
  • Not for those who like easy answers. 2/7/2020 12:00:00 AM by scoobyjack8 9

    Horse Girl is an achingly sad movie about mental breakdown. In the first act of the film, I found the character development to be beautifully executed and I was rooting for Sarah. I was hoping the film could turn out as some kind of offbeat romcom even though I had an idea we were in for a darker ride.

    One thing I loved about this movie was that the focus was on just observing Sarah and empathetically inhibiting her mindset without judgment or explanation. I think this could be off putting for some viewers but if you're interested in psychology and how people work, this movie will be very interesting for you.

    Personally, I think the overall message of this movie is that the mind of mentally ill person is not to be dismissed outright because their experiences will feel real to them, which is a very empathetic and true point to make. My favourite scene in the movie made this clear as Ethan told Sarah that he appreciated that the experiences she described were 100% her truth.

    In the past, I think Jeff Baena's films have not gotten the credit they deserve but thankfully this one is undeniable and has received critical acclaim.

    Lastly, I want to mention the acting. Alison Brie was the star of the show for sure as she created a believable character and she played both the small and big moments perfectly. Molly Shannon also managed to create a specific and three dimensional character with a short amount of screen time. I loved the scene where she tried to advise Sarah to put aside any negative thoughts, this perfectly satirised the well-meaning but misguided ally to anyone with mental health difficulties.

    Overall, this move was really insightful. I'd recommend to anyone who likes a character-based film or who has a strong interest in psychology.

  • Felt slightly unfinished/incomplete. Maybe a short film concept instead. 2/8/2020 12:00:00 AM by the_hawk8 6

    There were a couple of well shot scenes. With spectacular "showing" and not "telling". The movie felt slightly underwhelming or incomplete. More like a short movie than a feature length. I liked the story concept and Alison Brie did well as a homely weirdo with crazy things happening to her. Worth watch maybe as an experimental viewing. It's on Netflix so you might as well. I am glad Netflix is investing in these movies. Keeps me coming back.

  • The problem with letting the average person rate movies 2/8/2020 12:00:00 AM by johnnyneal123 10

    People giving this movie thoroughly negative reviews for "not having a plot" etc are to be quite frank, dumbasses who need to hand the remote back to mummy and daddy. Sorry but if you want a neat little story with a bow at the end don't watch this.The film itself is not just a beautiful portrait of the journey into a a psychotic break, but gives the viewer the opportunity to experience for themselves the terrifying reality that those suffering from paranoid schizophrenia live with. The complete inability to discern reality from imagination, the paranoia and the need to create elaborate explanations for things that just don't make sense.

    Also Alison Brie is amazing!

  • Quirky Indie Movie meets Surreal Odyssey 2/8/2020 12:00:00 AM by sara_shaw 7

    "Horse Girl" is the story of a lonely, awkward woman who has recently experienced severe trauma and is struggling to deal with it without a suitable support structure. The dialogue here was not scripted out in advance; just a detailed outline from which the actors improvised their lines. There's a unusual feeling of authenticity because of it- not because it seems like a documentary (far from it!), but because in the midst of all the super-weirdness there are surprisingly human and relatable characters.

    This is a quirky indie movie, but it's also an existential mediation; it's a bizarre out-there odyssey while also being a bedroom character study. How far you go with it will depend on your toleration for this kind of melting-pot of different genres. But if you're a fan of surreal films that grapple with the nature of reality and how we experience it, then, while you might not revere this as a masterwork, it's definitely worth your time.

  • Watch it 2/8/2020 12:00:00 AM by faibischew 7

    It's a sad story about a schizophrenic woman. The disease progresses to a delusional state of total reality loss. Good portrait of a terrible mental condition.

1Sean McElweecinematographer
2Josiah Steinbrickcomposer
3Jeremy Zuckermancomposer
4Jeff Baenadirector
5Alana Carithersproducer
6Mel Eslynproducer