Hysterical (2021)

Hysterical (2021)
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  • TV-MA
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2021 ()
  • Running time: 87 min
  • Original Title: Hysterical
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Hysterical is an honest and hilarious backstage pass into the lives of some of stand-up comedy's most boundary-breaking women, exploring the hard-fought journey to become the voices of their generation and their gender.

  • standing up and baring souls by 8

    SXSW 2021Greetings again from the darkness. Stand-up comedy is certainly one of the toughest ways to make a living in the entertainment world. As if making others laugh isn't difficult enough, convincing someone to give you mic time on stage takes a minor miracle when first starting out. Documentarian Andrea Blaugrund Nevins goes one step further as she focuses on the trials and tribulations facing female stand-up comedians. And she does so in a way that allows us to feel the struggle.

    No matter your age, if you are reading this, then there were successful and funny female comedians working when you were growing up. Ms. Nevins includes clips of Moms Mabley from 1948, as well as Phyllis Diller, Joan Rivers, and other legends. But this documentary is about so much more than great jokes. We are privy to the personal stories behind the stage acts of many of the women working stand-up today. These women are honest and raw in recounting their journeys, and they are fascinating and informative.

    Souls are bared, and no topic is off limits. Confidence, anger, self-doubt, childhood issues, and the desire for attention and acknowledgment are discussed. In what has traditionally been "a man's world", we are told that once onstage, "There is no one telling us what to do." The dark side is also present. Pay discrepancies between the genders is well documented. We hear multiple stories of being subjected to inappropriate behavior, groping, and even assault. Included is the 2019 clip of Kelly Bachman rocking the room while Harvey Weinstein was present. On top of that, there is competition amongst the women due to the belief that there is only room for so many. Yet, despite this, a camaraderie exists among these brave women to prove the power of laughter. Terrific work from Ms. Nevins.

  • It's not funny by 6

    If you think this show will include funny bits from performances by female comics, think again.

    If you want an hour & a half of anger, this show's for you

    What has happened to many of these women was terrible and It's a shame they didn't involve law enforcement, band together sooner to publicize the unfairness, etc.

    I wondered why Kathleen Madigan wasn't involved in this. Guess she's just too funny....

  • Jerry Lewis was Right by 1

    Ninety minutes of unfunny garbage by a bunch of angry women.

    Whha Whhhaaaa Waaaaaa.

    Amy Schumer is the worst. She's just vulgar. If a guy did this routine he'd be cancelled today. Think Andrew Dice Clay.

    Anyway. It sucks.

  • If you enjoy stand up... by 10

    If you enjoy stand up you have to watch it!!! Great doc!!! I only wish they would interview Amy Schumer, Whitney Cummings and Ali Wong - cause they're the most known female comics.