Imperial Blue (2018)

Imperial Blue (2018)
  • 207
  • TV-MA
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: 90 min
  • Original Title: Imperial Blue
  • Voted: 207

Hugo Winter a roguish American drug smuggler, travels to Uganda in an attempt to export a large amount of Bulu, a sacred herb that grants the user visions of their future. Upon arriving in Kampala, he soon discovers that his only means of achieving this is through two sisters with competing agendas, born-again Kisakye and rebellious Angela, who come from the remote village of Makaana where the Bulu is grown. As they lead Hugo deeper into the jungle and further into their web of deceit, it is unclear if his drug-addled prophecies are helping his quest or clouding his future.

1Ashish VermaSanjay
2Paul DewdneySpiral Matt
3Nicolas FagerbergHugo Winter
4Abby Mukiibi NkaagaJohn
  • Awful by 3

    The camerawork... awful.

    The sound... awful.

    The acting... awful.


  • Have seen it twice and love it! by 10

    This is such an original and thought-provoking film which perfectly balances action, drama and fantasy elements. For a debut feature shot in 3 different continents it is truly impressive and I am really looking forward to seeing what the filmmakers produce next.

  • Fresh Debut by 9

    An exceptional debut. This is a beautifully shot and masterfully acted thriller with fantasy elements. Non genre fans should not let the SF/fantasy elements deter them though, there is enough plot depth, biting satire and lush photography to satisfy most discerning cinephiles. Eagerly looking forward to seeing more from this new director. Definitely recommend. Check it.

  • You need to check this.... by 10

    Intelligent film-making, an accomplished thriller, especially considering it's their debut....The Philip K Dick comparisons will be flooding in....I'm glad this is finally being released.Top job ladies and gents!

  • A fantastical thriller set deep in the heart of Uganda by 10

    An intercontinental adventure which totally jettisons the classic hero's arc. From its first intense moments, the film promises to be crammed with excitement and it delivers throughout. The main characters are compellingly flawed even the ones desperately trying to do the right thing. Nothing quite goes the way you predict it will. Highly recommended, expect an Africa you are completely unfamiliar with.

1Ezequiel Romerocinematographer
2David Brycelandcomposer
3Daniel Mossdirector
4Robbie Gibboneditor
5Semulema Daniel Katendaproducer
6David Cecilwriter