In from the Night (2006)

In from the Night (2006)
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  • TV-PG
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2006 ()
  • Running time: 97 min
  • Original Title: In from the Night
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After ten years without contact, Bobby Miller (16) shows up famished, exhausted and nightmare-ridden at would be-author Victoria 'Vicki' Miller's home. He ran away from his wicked, selfish mother Priscilla and spineless dad, Vicky's brother Rob. Their late dad took Bobby away as a neglected baby to be raised with Vicky's sister Ruth, her husband and their kids, until dad's death allowed his Bobby's dad Rob to file successfully to regain custody. Soon after, Victoria has to choose between concentrating on her novelist career, aided by brilliant publishing adviser Aiden Byrnes, or help doing the right thing for Bobby, and blood proves strong enough to engage lawyer-friend Ned Alvarez to fight for emancipation. But gaining that doesn't solve everything for the uneducated though bright knave, who soon makes makes dubious punker 'friends' and harbors a dark trauma.

1Marcia Gay HardenVicki Miller
2Taylor HandleyBobby
3Thomas GibsonAiden Byrnes
4Kate NelliganVera Miller
  • Sweet by 9

    Marcia Gay Harden plays Vicki, a woman who has cut herself off from her dysfunctional family in order to write. One night, she gets a very unexpected visit from her 16-year-old nephew Bobby (Taylor Handley). He looks tired, hungry, and depressed. So begins the journey of Vicki and Bobby.

    I didn't think that I was going to like this movie. It seemed like just another boring Hallmark movie. However, after not being able to get the previews out of my head, I realized I needed to watch this movie. So I did. I was most pleasantly surprised.

    Both Marcia Gay Harden and Taylor Handley are perfect for their roles. The transformations of the two, especially Bobby's, are timeless. It's a very sweet story of two people trying to find themselves.

    Props to the cast. The acting was superb. I really enjoyed this movie (I'm glad I taped it so I can watch it again!).

    I give it 9 out of 10 (I took off because I believe that some of the characters needed more screen time, i.e. Thomas Gibson's character).

  • All in the family by 7

    Bobby Miller, a wounded and abused young man, has had his share of unhappiness as he has been pushed around too much. His parents, who have emotional problems have not cared for him. When in desperation, he shows up at the home of his aunt Vicki, a writer, he is at the end of his rope. Not only are his wounds psychological, but he suffers from sleeping disorder as well. It takes his aunt a lot of courage to come to understand what this lost soul is lacking.

    Vicki not only takes care of his pressing problems, but she is instrumental in his rehabilitation. In order to give him confidence, she rents him an apartment in the garage of her landlord. Bobby, who is easily influenced at this point of his life, mixes with some punks that only use him to crash in his living space. When someone trashes the place, Vicki has no choice but to get him back with her.

    Bobby's redemption comes in a way of computer science. He is clearly ahead of his peers. This is told to Vicki by his instructor, who encourages him to go ahead and make something out of himself. Finally, Bobby, with the love and guidance from his caring aunt, goes into college and a new life. Vicki got out of this teen ager much more than his whole family, who failed him completely. She turned him into a person with a future ahead of him because Vicki recognizes the goodness inside his heart.

    This film was directed by Peter Levin. The main attraction for seeing the made for television movie was Marcia Gay Harden, an actress with a fine intuition for bringing life to the characters she plays. This is the case with her Vicki, an intelligent approach to who this woman was. Taylor Handley appears as Bobby, the teen ager that has been dealt a bad hand by his own people. Also in the cast the marvelous Marian Seldes, Kate Nelligan and Regina Taylor.

    "In From the Night" is a truly inspirational film about a subject not too many people talk about, but that affects a lot of families.

  • Good Story, But Heavy by 8

    This is definitely not a lighthearted show. It's a drama about the damaging effects of abuse and neglect. The long-term consequences of Grandpa's lousy parenting. And the consequences of custody courts favoring biological parents' wishes over the safety of the child. A single aunt finds herself becoming an unofficial mother to her teenage nephew, and they have a long struggle in helping him recover from the psychological damage inflicted by his parents.

  • Wonderful movie by 10

    Another one that I missed many years ago. Watched it on Hallmark Drama 2/3/2020. What a wonderful and inspiring movie. The acting is superb. The chemistry between Vicki and Bobby is amazing. The portrayal of the disfunction in the family is totally on-point. Denial, blame, lack of affection - it's all there. Marcia Gay Harden is magnificent in this role. You feel her pain. You feel her love. AND you see her change. Same with Bobby (Tyler Handley). I DVRd it - and didn't delete it - will watch it again. Highly recommend...

  • Absolutely a great movie. THANKS by 10

    Dear Hallmark,

    I really did love this movie,partly because my own son suffers from 'bipolar' illness. It reminded me that EVERY teen stands the chance of recovery if only someone will care enough to give of themselves. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for showing such love and compassion for a difficult issue and problem. We need more like you and your movie team. I do hope that you will continue to make movies like this that will speak to our personal experience and needs. The actors did a wonderful job! Good casting! I LOVED HALLMARK'S commercials, too. Oh, they touched my heart, and made me cry. Your cards can be powerful! Sincerely, Barbara

1Eric Van Haren Nomancinematographer
2Mark McKenziecomposer
3Peter Levindirector
4Marsha Recknaglewriter
5Susanna Styronwriter
6Bridget Terrywriter