Indie Guys (2016)

Indie Guys (2016)
  • 17
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2016 ()
  • Running time: 114 min
  • Original Title: Indie Guys
  • Voted: 17

When raising money to make another movie falls through, Ian and Gordon continue the movie ventures with zero dollars.

1Brian AlberthThe Red Camera Guy
2Jonathan AldrichWade
3Gabrielle ArrowsmithEx #1
4Brian BarbourAudition Man #4
  • If you've ever wondered what making a movie is like, check out 'Indie Guys'! by 9

    From the creative minds of Jarrod Crooks and Greg Kuper comes a real to life comedy that shines a light on the adventures of independent film making. 'Indie Guys' is a heartfelt movie filled with all of the joys and mishaps that come with the pursuit of making a movie with no budget.

  • If you like action comedy movies then this is a Must Watch! by 10

    If you enjoy great action comedy movies then this is a Must Watch!! "Indie Guys" has great pacing throughout, never a dull moment from the story building scenes to the fast action packed scenes. The fight sequences were thrilling and intense, I strongly believe that the fight scenes tops some of Hollywood's best action films. Lastly, if you ever wonder how much work goes into making a film or even thinking about starting a film yourself with little to no budget, this movie highlights it perfectly.

1Jarrod Crooksdirector
2Gregory Kuperdirector