Inhalation (2010)

Inhalation (2010)
  • 173
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2010 ()
  • Running time: 17 min
  • Original Title: Inhalation
  • Voted: 173

Disgruntled Mei works on a pig farm and a butcher shop. One night she takes money from boyfriend Seng, breaks his heart, and boards a ship to Japan to work there illegally. A month later she gets deported. Her ex-boyfriend Seng picks up her up from the harbour. The young ex-couple spends the night trying to come to terms with how they came to their lives of shattered dreams and forsaken love. Angry words were exchanged, but as morning comes, in the face of fate's inevitability, they inhale in resignation.

1Susan LeeMei
2Shun Yuan ChongSeng
1Kenny Kuang Eng Chuacinematographer
2Woan Foong Wongcomposer
3Edmund Yeodirector
4Ming Jin Woowriter