Intersect (\N)

Intersect (\N)
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  • Genre: Sci-Fi
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  • Original Title: Intersect
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A group of young Miskatonic University scientists invent a time machine, only to learn that they are being manipulated by mysterious, unseen forces from another dimension.

1James MorrisonBill Marshall
2Jason SpisakRyan Winrich
3Jose RoseteAbner Rosen
4Garrett BoydGeoffrey
  • Absolute clown fiesta by 1

    This is the worst movie I have ever seen. It's insanely boring and predictable. Every character is a cardboard cutout caricature. Sound effects are annoying and overbearing, every voice line is poorly dubbed. The whole time I was struggling to accept that this is a real film and not a parody.

    If you want a "so bad it's good" movie, you're better off watching Neil Breen. If you want a good cosmic horror, watch The Void, Black Mountain Side or Borderlands. If you want to feel the sands of time slowly get everywhere and chip away at your soul, watch Intersect.

  • Not worth spending almost 2 hours on this ordeal... by 3

    Yeah, this 2020 movie titled "Intersect" was a swing and a miss, especially for a Lovecraftian movie. Well, I am getting ahead of myself here.

    I was lured in by the movie's rather interesting cover/poster, and the fact that this was allegedly a Lovecraftian movie. And yes, the cover/poster definitely also sold the movie as being Lovecraftian, and the fact that the synopsis included the Miskatonic University just cemented that fact. So of course I found myself sitting down to watch writer and director Gus Holwerda's 2020 movie "Intersect".

    This 2020 movie was slow paced, incredibly slow paced. And it just prolonged the agony and boredom that there was so very little of any interest taking place throughout the almost 2 hours that the movie ran for. I stuck with it though, given its supposedly Lovecraftian roots. But that was just a stretch. Sure, there were some cosmic influences, but it just never really reached a level where I personally would deem this worthy of being labeled Lovecraftian.

    The storyline told in "Intersect" was boring. Let's just be bluntly honest. Yeah, it most certainly was boring. Sure, the movie's script and plot did have some interesting aspects to it, but writer and director Gus Holwerda just never really brought them to a noteworthy fruition.

    While the movie was dreadfully slow, uneventful and just downright boring, then it should be said the the casted actors and actresses put on good performances, and they made the ordeal bearable to sit through. But entertainment-wise then "Intersect" was just a shallow experience.

    The special effects in "Intersect" were for the most part actually adequate. I liked the portal effects. However, the Watchers - or Lurkers - creatures in the movie were just atrocious to look at. They moved like something taken straight out of a 1990s computer game and also looked that way. It was just an eyesore to look at.

    I am a big fan of Lovecraft's works and Lovecraftian work in general, "Intersect", however, doesn't really tickle me in the right places. Nor would I deem it worthy to be branded as being actually Lovecraftian. Sure, it may be Lovecraftian inspired, but that is about it.

    My rating of "Intersect" lands on a mere three out of ten stars. I had hopes for the movie when I sat down to watch it, but those hopes vanished like morning dew before the rising sun pretty early on in the movie. In fact, the last 8 minutes of the movie is essentially what you need to watch to get the concept of the movie. Not worth the time or effort really.

  • Worth a watch, but that's about it.. by 4

    The film has some good ideas behind it and the special effects are good, but !!! saying that.. the acting is atrocious and the makeup of the actors is tragic.

    The background cast behaviour overall is not of a scientist, you can tell they are struggling to perform their role.

    Like I stated in the title worth a watch, its not the worst out there, but its more like a Sci-Fi channel premiere ..

  • Very poorly written, acted and everything. by 1

    Don't waste you time with this crappy movie, I cant really understand why this movie was even made, yeah...time travel, but worst time travel movie ever made. Pure CRAP!

  • omg... such a bad movie by 1

    Totally agree with karrijunttila - what a really bad movie!

1Peter McConnellcomposer
2Gus Holwerdadirector
3Luke Holwerdaproducer