Intolerance: No More (2018)

Intolerance: No More (2018)
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  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Intolerance: No More
  • Voted: 64

An African American woman has an encounter with a white police officer that leaves him dead. The world watches a media circus real-time hunt for her and the truth.

1Yeniffer BehrensTanya Ayala
2Helen KennedyKate Hensen
3Rene Michelle ArandaPolice Officer
4Thais MayaMaria Davison
  • Just another fool by 2

    Anyone, White, Black, Green or Purple shouldn't be wrestling with a cop with gun for crying out loud. I'm sick to death of this "poor victim who struggled with the cop for his gun and got shot".What a pathetic excuse for society.Cop + gun = shut up and do as the officer says. If the cop is wrongfully stopping you, well that's what lawyers are for. Anyone who reacts differently is drunk, on drugs or a fool.Please stop showing us fools and calling it truth.

  • Ignore the nutcases by 10

    Sadly and pathetically, small minded and petty people with nothing better to do with their lives will hang about online, giving terrible reviews of movies they haven't even watched because some right winged nut job the worship online told them to.Ignore them and you'll find a well made little gem of a film. Arguably a tad longer than it perhaps should have been. And some characters can feel a little thin, and could of doing with being fleshed out. Other than these minor personal thoughts, I would highly recommend a beautiful and inspiring movie. And yes the subject may polarising, and hard to address for many.... but isn't that the point of art?Acting, Direction, Editing, Cinematography? Some important things to discuss in a movie review yes?Some very well tended performances here, particularly from the lead. Succinct direction and cinematography, I mention them in this way, and together, because I feel I have to focus on the fact it is made in the "docu-drama" style.Give this a try, regardless of your political leanings, and I swear you will find it enrich your life.Enjoy, my friends

  • Americans been American by 5

    After watching the movie i'm glad i don't live in America, the people are self righteous, and don't give a damn about others unless it can make them money or famous, the black woman had a bad attitude, she should have just complied with directions instead of arguing, the people at the crime scene, cameras out trying to get video or pic of the scene and police reaction, to me the movie shows how a lot of the public are A..holes and the police have such a difficult time doing there job, if this movie was intended to make you feel sorry for her and BLM, it failed, it just shows how and why people get treated by the police who are just trying to do their job.

  • Make you wonder what the whole story ever really is. by 7

    I appreciate the movie's attempt to provide multiple sides to every story, good and bad choices on everyone's part that play into how things unfold. It's a human story about how complicated circumstances can get and in turn, how quickly things are out of any one person's control- yet everyone seems to want to grab at it.

    The movie's method of delivery as a production, separate from politics, is unique and at the same time, lends impact-fully to the story. It felt real and live; you are receiving information in pieces much like actually watching twitter and the news, so it's near impossible not to be triggered emotionally, however you stand on any of the presented themes. It was a ride I'll probably watch again to see how it strikes me knowing how it ends.

  • Ignorance is.. by 1

    .. ignorance. flat out plain and simple ignorance. period. and here it is on film, albeit what looks to be a phoned in shaky camera high school play level film, in blatant plain view for all to see. this film is pure fantasy and the epitome of disinformation and for-profit propagation of racizm. disgusting.

    if you truly want to see what it likes to be a cop in america, and exactly what theyre up against and deal with in urban american communities on a daily basis, watch a program called "the first 48" and be amazed, shocked and sickened all at the same time.

1Xavier Grobetcinematographer
2Sergio Guerrerodirector
3Peggy Daviseditor
4DeWayne Coxproducer
5Mauricio Mendozaproducer
6Jennifer Ironswriter