Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit (2008)

Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit (2008)
  • 1219
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2008 ()
  • Running time: 282 min
  • Original Title: Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit
  • Voted: 1219

Jack Hunter, an archaeologist, planned only to take a picture of a cuneiform tablet from once unsurpassed Mesopotmian metropolis Ugarit in present Syria, but is caught and has to steal it from a private museum in France. He refuses to join his mentor, professor Frederic 'Freddie' Shaffer, who believes the poem is a coded treasure map, on a relic hunt, until his friend is murdered to steal it. Obvious suspect is Syrian artifact trader Ali, so Jack flies to Damascas. There he must accept working with local, US-educated colleague Nadia and her driver Tariq. Their lives are threatened during the long relic quest, for one by common nemesis Albert Littman, but another secret lurks too.

1Ivan SergeiJack Hunter
2Joanne KellyNadia Ramadan
3Thure RiefensteinAlbert Littmann
4Susan WardLiz
5Mario Naim BassilTariq
6Birol Tarkan YildizBerndt
7Mehmet PolatDoridanov
8Alaina HuffmanLena Halstrom
9Sean LawlorProfessor Frederick Shaffer
10Mert YavuzcanFuad Antaki
  • Great adventuring fun by 8

    A good adventure with a proper plot, some goodies, some baddies, a couple of twists and a lot of action. Think Indiana Jones, romancing the stone and the mummy. The special effects are low budget but so too with indiana Jones. The acting is not superb but so too with the mummy. If it had been released in the 80's it would have been a classic.

  • Surprisingly good Mini-series. by 7

    Though in reality it's really 3 separate Two hour Films (that is how I saw it) that need to be watched in order to make sense, considering this was on The Sci-Fi channel which is usually filled with garbage I was Pleasantly surprised as it's really quite good, and looks like it has a fairly large budget which is unusual considering there is No one in it that you will have heard of.

    The acting is reasonably good by all concerned, and if you enjoyed the similar in vein 'The Librarian' Series of Adventure TV Movies then you will enjoy this.

    Worth watching.

  • Jack Hunter series by 8

    I watched this series last night, and I was actually surprised to find an adventure series with a rather engaging plot.Even though it had some flaws here and there which are rather difficult to pass, the story-line was interesting. They had some problems with the special effects in some part of the movie but mostly it was enjoyable. I was expecting some " American treasure hunter movie" and I was right, it has many clichés. The actors acted pretty well, still it could have been better... The story resembles "Indiana Jones" movies, and you would probably like this series if you are a fan of "treasure-hunter" movies... My vote is 8 out of 10, as it was a nice, relaxing movie.

  • Bloody awful by 1

    You could waste your time and watch this movie or you could imagine Indiana Jones with no charisma and bad acting and you will save yourself the pain. My children and I did endure to the end, but it became a "laugh at the TV show" towards the end. The plot could have been reasonable but doesn't make it. The acting is blockhead and stilted. The characters are stereotyped. Syria could not have endorsed this heap of bull, the characters shown from the incompetent police to the comic relief sidekick are all one dimensional, insulting and pathetic. The story line wanders and the bad guys are a bit too obvious. Any plot twists are telegraphed and do not work. I cannot warn people enough to stay away.

  • I liked it. by 7

    Totally derivative of Indiana Jones, but then, Indiana Jones is totally derivative of earlier films and radio programs. Taken on its own merit, the Jack Hunter series is a fun and adventurous romp. While that's pretty much it, that's more than mainstream media has been giving us for some time. The acting is passable. The writing is decent. The special effects are dated and sometimes cheesy, but again, passable. My favorite part of the films is the dichotomy between Jack and his nemesis, Albert Littman. The actors play well off of each other, and it provides a sense of tension and danger that has been sorely lacking in Hollywood films of late.