Jatt vs. Ielts (2018)

Jatt vs. Ielts (2018)
  • 97
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: 143 min
  • Original Title: Jatt vs. Ielts
  • Voted: 97

In this hilarious laughter riot, a young man, like almost every other Punjabi, aspires to live his eternal Canadian dream. Struggling with his English and unable to clear the IELTS exam, he enrolls himself at an IELTS class.

  • IELTS themed film full of tropes by 4

    All the romance part of the film is very poorly written. But most of the women characters are given strong roles. The film is pretty slow, and contributes absolutely nothing. It is only a repetition of tropes, but IELTS themed. The story maintains emotional ups and downs well. The representation of a false suicide attempt was a little disturbing, given the situation of misunderstood depressed people. It is not an informative film about IELTS, but its about the drive of youngsters to go abroad.

  • Horror by 1

    A very slow movie. The depection of struggle of students writing ielts exams has not been appropriately written. Moreover, the punches in the movie do not land properly. Some characters in the movie seem to be surplus and have not been able to do justice to their role for instance "the truck driver friend" could have been a comedy role but was mostly hovering around doing nothing. Furthermore, the timing of songs in the movie seem to be absurd. All in all movie was a complete horror for me. Both the direction and story were exteremely poor.

  • Poor in every aspect by 1

    Punjabi films rarely have a storyline .Most of them are plain stupid, illogical comedies with poor acting and low production values. But I have to one among one them to be called worst, this one will be my first choice.

    The production design is so poor even by the standard of Punjabi films. Almost all cast members are new and are poor in their respective roles. Ravneet, who played the lead,is not an actor but was a famous show presentor. And the two girls don't seem to be trained actors either. Don't know how they managed to have Gurpreet Ghuggi with such a low budget. And in place of characters, they have got jerks. Except for Ghuggi's character, nothing was properly written. Songs were needlessly placed all over there, to distract, they weren't even enjoyable. No prize to guess it was directed by a debutant.

    Easily among the worst films of all time.

  • IELTS is a problem for many students by 10

    It is true that IELTS is a serious problem for many students and this movie title reflects that.

1Salil Amrutecomposer
2Devi Duttdirector
3Navdeep Bhinderproducer
4Malvinder Sandhuproducer
5Palmit Sandhuproducer
6Devi Duttwriter