Johnny Suede (1991)

Johnny Suede (1991)
  • 3770
  • R
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 1991 ()
  • Running time: 97 min
  • Original Title: Johnny Suede
  • Voted: 3770

A struggling young musician and devoted fan of Ricky Nelson wants to be just like his idol and become a rock star.

1Brad PittJohnny Suede
2Richard BoesMan in Tuxedo
3Cheryl CostaWoman in Alley
4Michael LucianoMr. Clepp
  • Classic Music Themed Flick by 10

    Director Tom DiCillo who also created another classic flick, Living in Oblivion 1995 has created another gem in Johnny Suede.

    Starring Brad Pitt who has also been in other classic flicks, Inglourious Basterds 2009, Snatch 2000, Se7en 1995, True Romance 1993 and Kalifornia 1993.

    Also starring Catherine Keener who was also in Tom DiCillo's classic flick, Living in Oblivion.

    Also starring musician Nick Cave who has also been in another classic flick, Ghosts of the Civil Dead 1988 and also wrote the classic flick, The Proposition 2005.

    Also starring Samuel L. Jackson who has also been in other classic flicks, Snakes on a Plane 2006, Deep Blue Sea 1999, One Eight Seven 1997, Pulp Fiction 1994, True Romance 1993, Jurassic Park 1993, Menance II Society 1993, Jungle Fever 1991, Goodfellas 1990, The Exorcist III 1990, The Exterminator 1980, Iron Man 2008 and was the narrator in Inglorious Basterds also with Brad Pitt.

    I enjoyed the music scenes and the atmosphere of the flick.

    If you enjoyed this as much as I did then check out other classic music themed flicks, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls 1970, SLC Punk! 1998, The Underground 1997, Control 2007, The Runaways 2010, Whiplash 2014, School of Rock 2003, Plush 2013, The Dirt 2019, The Perfection 2018 and Georgia 1995.

  • On forgetting Eisenstein by 5

    This film is two movies, its scenes including Catherine Keener, and its scenes excluding her. The link is the iguana, now a symbol of Eisenstein's dialectical idealism montage theory of cinematic art, indicating Keener's pseudo-intellectual influence on this cinematic production. Soviet Cinematographer Sergei Eisenstein responded to the Soviets' perverting Hegel's "phenomenology of mind" into what they called dialectical materialism by calling his Zen koan approach to cinema dialectical idealism. And, since then, emulating his use of discordant montage has been a right of passage for cinematographers and directors. But Keener's dialectic detracts from the iguana's. HITRT

  • Horrible by 1

    This is absolutely the worst movie I've seen all year.

    First, I will say that the acting was very good, and by all of the cast.

    This was apparently meant to be very offbeat, and in that regard it succeeded. By the same token, the story revolves around a self-centered wannabe, who is a clueless, talentless chronic liar, whose source of self confidence comes from a pair of leather slippers.

    This was worse than watching a car wreck.

  • Off beat and unsatisfying by 5

    "Johnny Suede" is a slice of life flick which tells of a peculiar fictitious character, Suede (Pitt), who has a 10 inch pompadour, worships Ricky Nelson, is a wannabee musician/star, is naive or stupid or both, and has little else worthy of mention. The slice the film presents (the story) is off-beat and creative in the minutia and anticlimactic in the whole. Pitt and Keneer and Levels work well in their roles but can't make up for a story which is about as satisfying as a baloney sandwich on Thanksgiving Day. A no brainer for channel surfers.

  • Overlooked Pitt Gem by 7

    Combining hard-edge cynicism with compassion, Johnny Suede looks like a cartoon, but it's serious enough to raise intriguing questions, specifically men's deep fear of women. In a role that makes one think of James Dean, Elvis Presley, and Ricky Nelson, the director crafts a lyrical portrait of a wannabe, a good-natured poseur mythically named Johnny. Mixing sight gags with deadpan humor, Johnny Suede works its magic as a fairy tale about a man who has to lose one shoe in order to find his true identity. Pitt is sensational and delivers one of his greatest performances. He could have made his character cartoony, but his subtleness is perfect. Not to mention his decent singing skills. Catherine Keener is great too, and Sam Jackson makes an appearance as well. Definitely worth a viewing if you are in the mood for a character driven picture, or are a Pitt fan.

1Joe DeSalvocinematographer
2Jim Farmercomposer
3Tom DiCillodirector
4Geraldine Peronieditor
5Yoram Mandelproducer
6Ruth Waldburgerproducer