Jordan (2010)

Jordan (2010)
  • 365
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release year: 2010 ()
  • Running time: 83 min
  • Original Title: Jordan
  • Voted: 365

Five-year-old Jordan walks miles through the night in the wake of a car accident on an isolated mountain road. But when small-town Sheriff Gil Lujan finally locates the girl's missing mother, Jordan claims the woman is an impostor. What follows is a story of psychological suspense and danger about the ferociously powerful bond between mother and child - and how far each one will go to protect it.

1Gregory ZaragozaGil Lujan
2Liezl CarstensNatalia
3Angelique MidthunderBernie Lujan
4Christian BasteEli Lujan
  • This film is in the horror and suspense drama? by 4

    NOTHING scary, NOTHING suspenseful. Just a bad movie with bad actors that took til the final 10 minutes to build its plot. And im sorry to say but even the little girl was a bad actor.

  • Mediocre by 3

    This movie could have been so much better. It lacks content, dialogue is missing feelings.

  • Don't watch by 1

    Very very poor production. Audio levels up and down. At times boom used indoors worst room acustics ever. Badly shot.

  • interesting short film by 7

    I enjoyed the story, yes it could have had more detail and special effects however it is a short film and it still showed the meaning of a mother daughter bond. I love that Jordan didn't stop fighting to find her mom and Eli believed her. if this movie were to become a more detailed story, I would want to know a little more back story, who the imposter was and why she was following them. I would want to know more about how Eli believed Jordan about the imposter.overall, I think it was worth the time, it shows great teamwork, strength and resiliency.

  • Mishmash . . . with horrible audio by 1

    There's no excuse for horrible audio. The little girl and the young boy made the movie. The director and producers ruined it on their own. I think there was a good premise . . . but we had to figure it out by guess and by golly. Shame . . .

1Glen Mordecicinematographer
2Bruce Odlandcomposer
3Stuart Hynson Culpepperdirector
4Patrick T. Rousseauproducer
5Noah Workmanproducer
6Karin Diann Williamswriter