Just Heroes (1989)

Just Heroes (1989)
  • 864
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 1989 ()
  • Running time: 97 min
  • Original Title: Yi dan qun ying
  • Voted: 864

A respected and well liked gang-boss is betrayed and killed. One of his three adopted sons are to take his place. One of them is the traitor.

1David ChiangCheung Pak Wai
2Danny LeeSou
3Kuan Tai ChenLeung Jang Lung
4Tien NiuAnnie
  • Minor Woo Classic by 7

    Yi Dan Qun Ying/Just Heroes(1987) is a very good action flick with tones of King Lear. Just Heroes(1987) was done between A Better Tomorrow 2(1987) and The Killer(1989). The film is really a parody of A Better Tomorrow 1&2. There is a character in the film who likes to recite lines by Mark of A Better Tomorrow(1986). John Woo even pokes fun at the famous guns in the flower pot scene by using it again.

    This was one of two films that Danny Lee did not appear as a Police Officer(the other being City on Fire). The film opens and ends with some excellent gun play. Its about members of a Mob gang who scamble for control after the head is assassinated. Danny Lee is very good in the role of the confused Sou. John Chiang is good as the idealistic Wai.

    Although not as brilliant as the best of John Woo, its still superior to three out of four films that he has done in the USA. Just Heroes is notable for the early appearence of Comedian Stephen Chow in a dramatic role. Deals with the themes of honor and loyalty. The movie shows that there are differences between the fantasied and reality of life as a Triad. Ti Lung has a short cameo that ties Just Heroes(1987) to the two A Better Tomorrow films.

    Just Heroes(1987) has a lot in common with the similarly themed epic Tragic Hero(1987). Woman have a much bigger role here that is unusual in a John Woo film. More than one person directed this feature film. One of my favorite scenes is the flashback sequence with the gun battle. Another favorite scene is the shoot out at the deserted mine.

  • Make this film available to English speaking public by 8

    From what I have observed a lot of people is really disappointed in this movie but I fell in love with it!

    It is such a shame that this movie is only available as French and Japanese DVDs and both are without subtitles. I guess this explains why many people does not know this John Woo movie.

    The story is not that bad but they really could've added a lot to "who will be the heir to murdered triad boss ?" storyline.

    But they opted for a lazier method and rushed everything in the movie. I guess this is mostly because of the fact that it is shot for Wu Ma which was in desperate need of money.

    If they didn't rush everything because of the reason given above, it really could have been a true John Woo classic like A Better Tomorrow, The Killer and Hard Boiled. This is what I call a missed opportunity.

    Whatever your reason for not liking this movie might be but there is no denial that the finale shootout is awesome. This is John Woo and Heroic Bloodshed at its best. I'll surely watch it once again.

    Please release this movie on DVD with remastered picture and subs so that other Hong Kong action movie fans get to watch this.

  • Just Heroes by 8

    What better summary line than the English title for the movie? I don't know if it is an accurate translation from the HK title, but more importantly: Why is there no release of this movie on a DVD yet? At least not in the western world and not an official one, as can be seen here at IMDb ...

    Just Heroes is another Woo flick with his well known ingredients: Bloodshed, Heroism, loyalty and respect. The slow motion is thrown in there for good measure too! ;o) Of course it's something that a John Woo Film, can not be without! And although it might sound emotionless or apathetic, how I just list those things, the movie is a really good action film! It's not his best, but if you like his other better known HK offerings, you're gonna love this one too! :o)

  • a better tomorrow sequel that we never got by 7

    Like i say before the review this movie is a old fashioned Hong Kong action crime movie directed by John Woo with many familiar face of golden age of Hong Kong cinema like:David Chiang,Kuan Tai Chen, Lung Ti the holy trinity of kung-fu movie,Danny Lee from Woo masterpiece The Killer and surprisingly Stephen Chow whom used to play comedic role.It sometime get a little chessy with the dialogue,some homophobic aspect but the acting is good and some character actually very well written to the point that i really care about them in the end.The highlight of the movie still the John Woo violent shootout that you will see plenty of it although it not long and action heavy like Woo previous work but when it happen it very satisfied and awesome.Definitely not Woo best work but if you a fan of John Woo you will love it

  • Bloodshed HAPPY!!! by 8

    Just Heroes should be called "Just Gangstazzz, Yo!" because, quite frankly, I don't get where the heroism is. It's stupid. Well, besides all that, this is one of John Woo's lesser known films. This was made to support Chang Cheh's broke *** but then Chang Cheh decided to use the money for another movie which I think was called Hidden Hero. I don't know. I'm not a film expert.

    This movie is great with great guns fights and blood splashy mayhem. The story is a little bit disjointed but does have some nice twists and all that garbage. And, of course, if you are familiar with Shaw Brothers movies then you will see a lot of familiar faces. Ti Lung, David Chiang, Danny Lee (YES! HE! Remember Battle Wizard? Super Inframan? Mighty Peking Man? YOU BET YOUR ***, SUCKA!) and others. Though I liked this film a lot, it is in no way on the level of John Woo's other movies like A Better Tomorrow 1 & 2, The Killer, Bullet In The Head and Hard Boiled but at least it was better than Once A Thief. That movie sucked hard.

    In conclusion: It's fun and bloody. And to point out Wu Ma directed around 40% of the movie so technically it's not John Woo's movie in it's entire state. So up yours.

1John Woodirector
2Wu Madirector
3Alan Ngproducer
4Hark Tsuiproducer
5Chi-Keung Hauwriter
6Kuang Niwriter