Ken'en (2018)

Ken'en (2018)
  • 103
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: 103 min
  • Original Title: Ken'en
  • Voted: 103

Kazunari, a quiet and well-behaved young man, works at a printing company. On the other hand, his older brother, Takushi, is a short-tempered, typical troublemaker who was just released from jail. Yuria, a hard-working lady at a local printing factory has a young sister, Mako, who is very attractive and popular, unlike Yuria. The life of these brothers and sisters comes across suddenly, and two pairs of "cat-and-dog" siblings accelerate their fight.

1Masataka KubotaKuso majimena otouto - Kaneyama Kazunari
2Hirofumi AraiChou-kyoubou na ani - Kaneyama Takuji
3Keiko EnoueKatasugiru ane - Isono Yurie
4Miwako KakeiBakappoi imouto - Isono Mako
6Alisa Takeuchi\N
1Keisuke Yoshidadirector