Kevin Hart: Zero F**ks Given (2020)

Kevin Hart: Zero F**ks Given (2020)
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  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: 69 min
  • Original Title: Kevin Hart: Zero F**ks Given
  • Voted: 1754


1Kevin Hart\N
  • What happened to Kevin? by 4

    What happened to Kevin Hart? How did the person who made "Grown little man" or "Laugh at my pain" get so bad at Stand up comedy? I watched 15 minutes of Kevin Hart dropping the "F Bomb" a lot and listening to an audience who feels like they were paid to laugh, and it was enough for me... Maybe it gets better but I just couldn't.

    Hopefully one who was once one of the best comedians out there will one day produce another watchable special. This wasnt it...

  • Don't bother by 1

    Worst one Kevin has done don't know if it's because of a small crowd but it was so poor

  • Unwatchable by 2

    Was just sad to watch. Tag lines were clunky, had no flow, and was poorly edited. Such a shame to see this flub from such an incredible comedian

  • A Personal Chat With Kevin by 7

    I enjoyed this, funny and wasnt over the top. Kevin really felt like himself in this one and i had a good few laughs. It isnt like his other specials and in a way i liked that!

    Good job Kevin!

  • Terrible by 1

    After watching first 15 minutes, which was extremely boring, I paused and checked the reviews. Some of them said that it gets better, so I continued and... it didn't. Not even one good joke in there, and repeating every line three times doesn't make it funny.

1Leslie Smalldirector