King Kong Lives (1986)

King Kong Lives (1986)
  • 5534
  • PG-13
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 1986 ()
  • Running time: 105 min
  • Original Title: King Kong Lives
  • Voted: 5534

A giant ape King Kong, which was shot and fell off the World Trade Center tower, appears to be alive, but is in coma for 10 years and desperately needs a blood transfusion in order to have an artificial heart implanted. Suddenly, in the rainforest, another gigantic ape is found - this time a female. She is brought to the USA, and the heart is successfully implanted. But then King Kong, having sensed the female ape, breaks loose.

1Brian KerwinHank Mitchell
2Linda HamiltonAmy Franklin
3Peter ElliottKing Kong
4George AntoniLady Kong
  • The dating scene is tough when you're a 50 ft. monkey by 7

    Yep. It's a terrible movie, but worth watching for the laughs. When King Kong and Lady Kong first meet, they gaze into each other's eyes - and Pow! It's love at first sight! - and the Love Theme from King Kong Lives starts swelling up in the background - it brought tears to my eyes. Because I was laughing so hard I was close to weeping. This movie goes beyond its weird anthropomorphism and bad writing to achieve an unprecedented new level of cheese.

    There are other fun moments, like when Kong starts climbing a mountain that is VERY obviously some painted plywood stuck to the side of a stepladder.

    If you feel like watching something silly, or if you want to see a giant monkey trying to get to second base, this movie is for you!

  • OK OK its a crap movie....who's arguing? by 7

    Well I gotta tell ya - when I bought this flick ($4 - yeah...I KNOW I was way overcharged)in the late 80's, my kids loved it! As an 8 year old, you tend NOT to notice the hilarious dialog, K-Mart effects and Z-Grade production values. My five year old sobbed her little eyes out when KONG was having a coronary...the other three cheered when he wrote off the bad army guys so hey, I'm biased! This film made my kids happy so I haven't the heart to belittle its achievements - microscopic that they are!

    PLUS the fact you get to see Linda Hamilton when she was really pretty so c'mon, be charitable - let it be wouldja?

  • Crappy Reviews No Surprise, But... by 4

    The decidedly crappy reviews heaped on this film were pretty well deserved, though it must be said that there have been much worse insults to filmgoers' intelligence than "King Kong Lives." Linda Hamilton stars as Amy Franklin, head of a scientific team that develops an artificial heart to miraculously keep Kong with us after his famous fall from the New York City skyline. With the help of blood transfused from a newly-discovered Lady Kong, the big guy is soon up and around and eating people again. But this time his true interest lay in his new girlfriend, whom he not-so-subtly rescues from captivity. The hairy couple hope to live happily ever after, but the brutish army and rifle-bearing yokels have other ideas.

    It's difficult to pinpoint the biggest fault of "King Kong Lives." Overall, it's pretty ridiculous, from the story to the special effects to the supposedly emotional moments. It's overlong, the dialog could have been written by junior high kids, and the characters, particularly the "bad guys," are so one-dimensional it's not even funny. But if you can accept all of that, you can get at least some entertainment value out of this sequel, though don't expect a so-bad-it's-funny picture.

  • action packed and entertaining by 7

    my sister and i watched this sequel to the 1976 version of KIng Kong.and we actually both liked it.sure it's no masterpiece and i didn't like it quite as much as King Kong,but i did find it entertaining and fun.i felt it was on a smaller scope than KIng Kong(1976) and less serious,on my opinion,but it wasn't half bad.true,the dialogue won't win any awards,and the acting could have been better,but there was plenty of action and excitement.the story is bit of a stretch for sure,but if you don't take it too seriously,you might enjoy it for what it is:an action packed,entertaining 90 minutes or so.and it might make you forget about life for awhile.for me,King Kong Lives is a 7/10

  • Great movie for its time by 10

    There is alot of criticism going on here about this movie when really back in 1986 you cant find many movies with effects quite like this movie, imagine it being made now days with kong doing matrix flips, fair enough the acting isnt all that great, but there were some really funny parts of the movie, this movie deserves an easy 7/10, im hoping to see a remake or something, anyone heard of any remakes of any kong movies? maybe a kong vs zilla remake?