L.A. Bounty (1989)

L.A. Bounty (1989)
  • 270
  • R
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 1989 ()
  • Running time: 85 min
  • Original Title: L.A. Bounty
  • Voted: 270

A tough female ex-cop-turned-bounty hunter goes after the gang of a crazed killer who murdered her partner.

1Sybil DanningRuger
2Wings HauserCavanaugh
3Blackie DammettJames Maxwell
4Henry DarrowLt. Chandler
  • Stark-raving mad Wings Hauser versus stone-cold Sybil Danning by 4

    Hauser plays a sadistic & cunning drug-lord in this one. He's a real madman & he's clearly having a lot of fun playing one. Sybil Danning plays a hard-boiled ex-cop turned bounty hunter out for revenge. Out to get Hauser, that is, because years ago he killed her partner. This flick really isn't that much worse than some of the early works of Steven Seagal, JC Van Damme or even Arnie Schwarzenegger. So, know what to expect and you'll have some fun with it. It's all nonsense, naturally, but we get some bloody shoot-outs (western-style, even), car chases, torturings & female nudity. Not much to complain about. One to watch if you're a Hauser fan for sure. He's stealing the show here.

  • Sybil is okay, Wings really takes off by 6

    A L.A. mayoral candidate is kidnapped by psycho Cavanaugh (Wings Hauser) and held for a $500,000 ransom. On the case is Ruger (Sybil Danning), a tough ex-cop turned bounty hunter who has a past with, of course, Cavanaugh. This was one of Danning's last vehicles before retiring in the late 80s and it is quite a change of pace for her. The story is credited to Danning ("Hey, let's make a movie where I am a bad ass.") and it is unlike any female action flick I can think of, mostly because her character is so tough and there is no focus on her sexuality. Ruger is the strong, silent type and only has maybe 7 lines in the entire film (IMDb trivia here says Danning only speaks 31 words throughout the picture). Director Worth Keeter was a product of Earl Owensby's North Carolina studio and handles all of the action well. The real highlight is, naturally, Wings Hauser in another trademark unhinged performance. Wings was doing lots of low budget cop hero roles around this time, so it is cool to see him slide back into the sleazy VICE SQUAD/Ramrod style. Quick supporting players include Robert Quarry, Branscombe Richmond, Bob Minor and Blackie Dammett.

  • Sybil Danning with guns blazing ............ by 5

    Absolutely mindless action, no character development, and not so splendid acting, permeate "L.A. Bounty". The only reason to see this is Wings Hauser in another demented bad guy role, and Sybil Danning as sort of a "Man With No Name"/ "Dirty Harry" clone. Explosions and shootouts prevail, with renegade ex cop Danning often appearing out of nowhere, seeking revenge on those responsible for killing her partner. Although she is portrayed as a bounty hunter, no money ever exchanges hands. The whole thing just sort of rolls along on the thin thread of a story. It is something about a supposed kidnapping of a mayoral candidate, but makes little sense. For Wings and Sybil admirers only, others beware. - MERK

  • Disappointing action vehicle for Sybil Danning; no fighting whatsoever by 4

    This is the last film Sybil Danning made before "retiring" from the screen for about 18 years (and making a comeback now, in 2007). Starring, writing the story and co-producing, Sybil fashioned herself here as a female Charles Bronson - "the strong, silent type", as even another character calls her. The problem is that her character is such a blank that she isn't interesting - maybe a few one-liners and / or arrogant smiles would have helped. The other problem is that she relies almost exclusively on her guns and doesn't get to throw even a single punch. She does handle her weaponry in a very professional, serious-minded manner, but I, for one, was disappointed that she didn't have even one tiny fight. Wings Hauser tries very hard to make his villain eccentric, but his performance is only slightly less uninspired than the rest of the movie. The production is cheap and low-grade (though the stuntmen do a good job), and the big "twist" of the plot is ludicrous. (*1/2)

  • Sybil Vs. Wings by 6

    Here we have a fun little film which is easy to like, in which Sybil Danning has not only the starring role, but also is credited with story and co-producer.

    When mayoral candidate Mike Rhodes (Robert Hanley) is kidnapped by drug runner Cavanaugh (Hauser) and his team of goons, this raises the ire of one of the toughest dudes around...ex-cop and now bounty hunter Ruger (Danning)! It seems the psychopathic Cavanaugh murdered her partner when she was on the beat. Cavanaugh slipped away and she has been on his trail. Now it's time to get revenge. But Cavanaugh wants to get to her first or she'll blow the whole mayoral kidnap plan, especially since Ruger has teamed up with Rhodes' wife Kelly (Lenore Kasdorf). So now it's an all-out war between Cavanaugh and his goons and Ruger. Is she woman enough to take on all the evildoers? And what is the final twist in the tale? In this movie, Danning and Wings are great opposites. Wings Hauser hams it up to the max (in a good way) and chews the scenery to pieces as the flamboyant artist Cavanaugh. It's truly "Wings gone wild" as he laughs, screams, skips (!) and spouts philosophy while wearing his clip-on earring. His lair is a supposed import/export business called "Gothic Imports". In the climax we see it has to be one of the largest warehouses ever.

    Danning is quiet and curt as the no-nonsense bounty tracker. She says very little and when other characters say things to her, all we see is a silent, closed-mouth reaction shot. It's all in the name of fun. Just check out her many great entrances in the film. She usually appears silhouetted in a doorway surrounded by smoke as a mighty guitar riff blares on the soundtrack. She probably had a blast as the beer-swilling, leather jacket wearing, trailer-dwelling, shotgun toting "macho" hero. She basically blows giant holes in all the goons with a massive gun. She is funny and engaging as Ruger.

    The movie really delivers the goods to the fans and moves along at a brisk pace. There is a standout scene which is an homage to Westerns, watch out for it. Directed by familiar name (at least to this site) Worth Keeter, don't hesitate to check out L.A. Bounty if you can.

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1Gary Gravercinematographer
2Howard Leesecomposer
3John Sterlingcomposer
4Worth Keeterdirector
5Stewart Schilleditor
6Michael W. Leightonwriter