La Última Fase (\N)

La Última Fase (\N)
  • 384
  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Release year: \N ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: La Última Fase
  • Voted: 384

Laura Pereira begins a desperate search to find her father who disappeared. While trying to find answers, something is following her. The disappearance of her father and the strange events, could have an explanation related to the UFO phenomenon her father was investigating. Laura embarks on a quest that will put their lives in danger, that will change the destiny of humanity.

1Gabriel DíazHombre 1
2Maximiliano ZurracoPolicia
3Alex AcostaHombre Misterioso
4Claudio SantorelliFrancisco Rocha
  • Unwatchable by 1

    I would really like to know the plot, but its so badly filmed it cant be watched. Just cant.

  • An indie masterpiece by 10

    Perhaps one of the most refreshing sci-fi films I've seen in the last ten years. With a low budget but great story and good actors this movie makes you have a good time and an old fashion style of a good alien-about plot.Indie, yes. Low budget, yes.Great film? Indeed.

  • Amazing low budget movie with an electrifying story by 10

    A jewel of independent cinema in spanish. With a compelling story from beginning to end. Great performances and visual effects.

  • Spanish aliens by 10

    Film about the UFO phenomenon and conspiracies. a pleasure to watch movies like this outside the united states.

  • low budget well done by 9

    I saw this movie without waiting long as it is low budget. but it took me a big surprise. I'm glad I gave it a try. I recommend it.

1Cristian Bidonecinematographer
2Ivan Pantarellicomposer
3Maria Eugenia Aguiareditor
4Sol Mazurproducer
5Lena Navarroproducer
6Lucia Vázquezproducer