Lady of Guadalupe (2020)

Lady of Guadalupe (2020)
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  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Lady of Guadalupe
  • Voted: 52

Based on true events, "Lady of Guadalupe" is a moving religious discovery juxtaposing folklore and the present day. Historically significant recreations are used to illustrate the origin of her prevalent and powerful symbolism of Mexican identity and faith. When a young and ambitious reporter (Guillermo Iván) is assigned an article on faith, he finds himself enmeshed in the legend of Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Skeptical of miracles and the importance of modern-day Christianity, the reporter's investigation takes him from cynic to true believer as his personal limits are tested.

1Guillermo IvánJuan Diego
2Paola BaldionLady of Guadalupe
3Jesús LloverasSpaniard Juan
4Eric da SilvaFather Da Gand
  • Very mysterious and suspenseful with lots of never-ending wonders by 8

    I like the film Lady of Guadalupe, because it is very mysterious and suspenseful with lots of curious and never-ending wonders. It held my attention throughout the whole film. I love how they used flashbacks to earlier years to help move the story along.

    The storyline follows a young reporter, John Martinez (Guillermo Ivan) and the love of his life, Mary (Kimberley Aria Peterson). Mary is pregnant and their life is going along smoothly until she is in an accident and is help to get her and the baby. John has received an assignment about the legend of Our Lady of Guadalupe which he has trouble writing, until he finds a little faith.

    The film has lots of flashbacks, which help put things into perspective and help the audience understand the history of the Lady of Guadalupe as well as the present situation of John and Mary. The flashbacks show many scenes and different people with different problems. I like how we see the actors in both the past and modern day. This film is very unique. Guillermo Ivan plays both Juan Diego and John Martinez. The historical scenes of Juan Diego that show the past contrast greatly with those of John Martinez shot in the current day in the USA. We get glimpses of Latin culture in the way they live in the past and present.

    The message is that you got to have a little faith or you won't get that happy ending in life. Faith is important when you're in a difficult situation, because it has so many benefits and helps you throughout your entire life. Have Faith!

    I give Lady of Guadalupe 4 out 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 to 18, plus adults. Reviewed by Makena P., KIDS FIRST!

  • Brilliant film! by 10

    I appreciated watching a modern narrative alongside the historical narrative. It shows that, although the Lady of Guadalupe story happened hundreds of years ago, the lessons from the story can still be applied to today. In addition to the strong narratives, I also thoroughly enjoyed the performances of the cast and the stunning cinematography.

  • This is a Beautiful Film! A MUST WATCH! by 7

    This film is a must see! The acting and production work is phenomenal, and the overall story left me feeling inspired. If you're looking for a movie to watch with your family today, this is it!

  • A must see! by 10

    This film was absolutely stunning - from the talented cast, to the beautiful production + shots, Lady of Guadalupe takes you through parallel stories of historical and present time making it a must see film!!

  • Absolutely beautiful. by 10

    An incredible story about such a crucial part of both Latin and Catholic history/culture. The film itself was shot so beautifully and I very much enjoyed the ethereal cinematography. It will leave you speechless. The talent is amazing as well. 10/10!

1Carlos Hidalgocinematographer
2Pedro Brennerdirector
3E. Dylan Costaeditor
4Johnny Murilloproducer
5Markos Keytoproduction_designer