Last Prince of Atlantis (2018)

Last Prince of Atlantis (2018)
  • 48
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: 84 min
  • Original Title: Posledniy chelovek iz Atlantidy
  • Voted: 48

The Last Prince of Atlantis is a beautiful fairy tale about love, an animated family movie. The dynamic intrigue, a bright and multidimensional shows keeps the audiences captivated. An old pearl-fisher Bltazar is forced to sell his boat to wealthy man Don Vincenzo. But this is not the worst part. Now Vincenzo wants to take his beautiful daughter Adrianna! The girl is against that, but for how much longer can she resist? Police and gangsters serve Vincenzo... But money and power are nothing when the real love comes around. The Last Prince Of Atlantis appears from the bottom of the sea, where he spent thousands of years in a stone sarcophagus. One day he sees Adrianna in the sea, strikes up looking for her and finds her...

  • So slow, bad voice acting, stiff movements of the characters, hence, it's not a good animation. by 1

    Last Prince of Atlantis is one of those animations that I've stopped watching in the middle. The animation is so boring and a bit dull. Moreover, it's too slow. Terribly slow. After 20 minutes of running time, nothing much happened yet. I tried to be patient, but patience isn't my strongest suit. So, I stopped watching after some minutes later.

    It's a 3D animation, so, I was kind of impressed to see it. But the animation skill is a bit low to those animations that I've watched. The way the characters move is so stiff and the voice acting is bad, especially the one who acts as Adriana. She's the worst. It's so not natural and I felt like she's acting. Thus, voice acting needs to be improved somehow.

    Moreover, the characters are a bit dirty. Maybe because of the quality of the one I've got. But I feel like they are so dirty. How and why the hell did they do like that? It's kind of disgusting to see that.

    So, to say it in overall, this animation cannot be compared to the other good animations. Since I didn't watch it to the end, I don't know how it ends. The story might be great, but because of the facts that I've stated in above, this animation isn't that much good. It's somehow bad. It doesn't even make it to the fine one. If I were you, I wouldn't watch this one. I would rather find the other good ones instead of this one. It's not worth to spend time and money.

1John Beck Hofmanncomposer
2Vladlen Barbedirector
3Robert A. Ferrettieditor
4Jane Kaprissproducer
5Igor Lopatonokwriter
6Valeri Pugashkinwriter