Late Bloomers (1996)

Late Bloomers (1996)
  • 459
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 1996 ()
  • Running time: 107 min
  • Original Title: Late Bloomers
  • Voted: 459

The story of two ordinary women in their mid years, who live deep in the bible belt, populated by square teachers, libidinous students and home to suburban monotony. Carly is a married woman with two kids, who works as the school secretary; Dinah is the single, lonely math teacher who coaches the girls' basketball team. Long time disinterest between the women perchance evolves in to a series of one-on-one basketball games, during which the two women grow closer physically and emotionally, until one heated game ends spontaneously in a kiss. The outcry from family, friends and the community as the relationship between these two women blooms, creates a timely story in which is woven the notion of family, of gay relationships and which raises the banner of gay marriage.

1Connie NelsonDinah Groshardt
2Dee HenniganCarly Lumpkin
3Gary CarterRon Lumpkin
4Jonah Lisa DyerVal Lumpkin
  • Excellent Movie! by 10

    While most movies show two model like hot woman in a love relationship, this one shows two ordinary women getting to know themselves and then each other.

    Connie Nelson plays Dinah Groshardt (an unattached middle aged woman who is made fun off by her students for her lack of love life) , a trigonometry teacher at a high school where Carly Lumpkin (played by Dee Hennigan) works in the principal's office and her husband Ron Lumpkin (played by Gary Carter) teaches algebra.

    Carly and Ron have two kids, rebel daughter Val (Jonah Marsh) & pleasing son Avery (Graham Skipper). There is no longer any love left in Carly and Ron's relationship and she has issues with her own body. One day in class Dinah confiscates a love note between Val & her boyfriend Jamie Hooper (Esteban Powell), a budding rock star. Later while Dinah comes to the Lumpkins for dinner, Carly goes through Dinah's purse while she is out playing ball with Ron. She mistakes the note for an affair between the two. Later when she realizes her mistake and confesses to Dinah it leads to friendship and much more.

    The movie is thoroughly enjoyable and gives a realistic look at how a love relationship between two women, its effects on their personal and professional lives and a good anticipated ending.

    While Connie Nelson looks like Jeremy Irons (ha!ha!, it is Dee Hennigan, who steals the show as Carly who wants to share her love between her new partner and her family. A little obese and petite, she is extremely attractive and looks like a million dollars. Watch out for her basketball scenes with Connie Nelson, one in the buff and one in their wedding dress. Gary Carter plays the unfortunate but understanding husband with great style.

  • Better late than never by 7

    Connie Nelson (not to be confused with Connie Nielsen; in fact she looks like David Warner) is a female basketball coach who falls in love with a female school secretary, creating an uproar at the high school. Hennigan is touching as the overweight secretary in a sexless marriage whose life is renewed when she meets Nelson. Carter is good as Hennigan's perplexed husband, who is also a teacher at the school. Although it feels at times like an after-school TV special, it is saved by the interesting characters and pretty good acting by the large cast. It is competently written and directed by the Dyer sisters, who have not done anything since.

  • What's the story, Wishbone? by 8

    I came upon this movie by accident while channel surfing one morning. At first, I thought it was an "Afterschool Special," being repeated, but the midnight basketball session dispelled that idea. I'm glad to see this film was shown during the day, when people can actually see it, rather than played in the middle of the night, when the world is sleeping. It's hard to play this story out without making some aspect of it melodramatic: but I give the cast an "A+" for making me care how it all would end. (Hey: Didn't I see some of the 'Wishbone' players in this one?)

  • I Love This Movie by 8

    Decently-written and sweetly acted, this is a realistic story of two ordinary women (I thought both of them were beautiful!) who fall in love. Carly Lumpkin, pleasingly plump and ignored by her husband is the high school secretary at Eleanor Roosevelt high school. Dinah Groshardt doubles as the high school's geometry teacher and basketball coach; she keeps turtles, lives alone, and claims to have never been in love. Their love affair eventually causes a stir at the school. There are many funny moments, along with a proper dose of drama.

    I'm 22 years old, but I would much rather watch this than the current fare which usually centers around teenage or adolescent-acting young people. I'll watch it, but it won't touch my heart nearly as much as Late Bloomers. This story is about real love and shows even people your parent's age can be passionate and affectionate. Especially enjoyed the Lulu song "Oh me, Oh my" in this movie.

    My only real complaint is the way they portrayed teenage Val (she really annoyed me), but then this story does not focus on her completely, so it's easy to ignore. What this movie lacks in perfect writing, it makes up for in heart and a compelling story (and good acting, at least by the two leads). One of my favorite movies.

  • Fired because of homophobia- or love? by 10

    This film is for the elder audience. Don't get me wrong. I recomend everybody to see it. Finally the cast is not some teenagers but grown woman.

    The film is set in a small town where everybody knows everybody. The scandal is a fact when two woman is in love with eachother-one married, with two children. The other a respectfull teacher, who also is a basket ball trainer.

    The film has some good humor and serious dialog and is a film worth waching for everybody.


1Suzanne Cianicomposer
2Brave Combocomposer
3Ted Pinecomposer
4Julia Dyerdirector
5Stephen Dyerproducer
6Gretchen Dyerwriter