Legacy (2019)

Legacy (2019)
  • 37
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2019 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Legacy
  • Voted: 37

Brothers Kade and Ben Jaeger have always lived in the shadow of their late father's criminal empire, but their differences put them on a bloody collision course, and neither will stop until the other is dead.

1Reid MillerKade
2Sophie HoodTessa (2019)
3Danny IrizarryBen
4Adam MosesDamien
  • FIGHT by 10

    The story is intense and The fight sequences are so dope and for such a young lead to be whopping ass like that with no double is straight up BEAST MODE...keep your eyes open on the cast because the world will be seeing them in more projects!!!!

  • Oh my - that was really bad by 1

    No words can describe what a piece of poo this is. The unbelievable content aside, the production/post production quality is beyond horrendous. Story - abominable. Acting - laughable. Concept - WHAT THE F....???Stay away at all cost, you are hereby warned!

  • This is the Transformers Prequel you didn't know you needed by 1

    Kade Yaeger, otherwise known as Mark Wahlberg's character name in the 4th or was it 5th Transformers movie. Maybe it was the 6th one? Remember the one with Leonard Nimoy? Anyhow, this Transformers prequel is exactly what the franchise needed. Wonderful. 1/10 stars.

  • BOOM by 10

    The action sequences are fantastic! Keep me eye out of the actors and filmmakers of this productions. I can see big things coming from them in the future!

  • Great by 10

    What a wonderful bunch of amazing up and coming actors and film makers! The action is top notch!

1Daniel Sebastiancomposer
2Megan Ford Millerproduction_designer