Lemonheads (2018)

Lemonheads (2018)
  • 110
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: 91 min
  • Original Title: Lemonheads
  • Voted: 110

Three days into the nightmarish depths of heroin withdrawal, Leo Clemons is ready to do anything to get his fix. After a desperate plea to his drug dealer goes terribly wrong on the morning of Christmas Eve, Leo is forced to confront his 18 year old cousin Louis, who is also in the throes of addiction. Together, they decide to embark on a last-ditch adventure to cure their suffering, traversing the seedy underbelly of society in an increasingly urgent search for relief.

1George JonsonLeo
2Samuel WyattLouis
3Jeffery DeanPigeon
4William ShockleySkinner
  • Not going to blow your mind, but worth the watch for a few performances. by 6

    Very predictable movie about drug addicts who NEED more 'h' (heroin) and the depths of the rabbit hole they climbed in.the script itself was ok, nothing special even though they thought they were being obscure at times (they weren't)the concept was nothing new either.the execution was fair. nothing to ruin the movie.i was, however, very pleased with a few of the performances.george jonson as the central character comfortably carried the lead and darren keefe reiher as the super high-strung irishman was great to watch for his ten minutes of screen time.the one hour and twenty six minute runtime was also perfect as any longer i might've started looking for the exit soon.the movie's silver lining: it makes you feel REAL good to not have chosen a life of drugs.Not going to blow your mind, but worth the watch.

  • Very dark and very worth seeing by 9

    A Christmas movie about a couple of heroin addicts in desperate need of a fix..... Just like all those other Hallmark Christmas movies. It is not for the faint of heart. It's dark, sick, twisted, kinky, quotable, violent, dirty, weirdly spiritual, so Northwest, and laugh-out-loud funny.I loved the simplicity of the story and all the characters they meet along the way. Some very off-beat characters, nice writing, great use of music, mood, and real nice flow to it.Wonderfully brave and daring performances from George Jonson, Samuel Wyatt, Tony Doupe, Jeffery Dean, William Shockley. Lots of beautiful scary losers.I believer the brothers, Dawson Doupe and Ryder Doupe, and co-director, Todd Tapper are three filmmakers we're going to be hearing a lot more from.

1Ryder Doupedirector
2Dawson Doupédirector
3Todd Tapperdirector
4Tony Doupeproducer
5Nathan Hendricksonproducer
6Tonya M. Skoogproducer