LeSeurdmin (2017)

LeSeurdmin (2017)
  • 11
  • R
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 80 min
  • Original Title: LeSeurdmin
  • Voted: 11

Peter LeSeurdmin has worked the same dead end job for years. After his girlfriend, Nicole, breaks up with him, he goes on full day bender and wakes the next day to find his life completely changed. Amidst trying to reclaim Nicole's heart, he must contend with his transformation into a half man, half lizard, as well as attacks from a mysterious barbecue enthusiast.

1Nicholas de FinaMultiple
2Brett MannesBartender
3Sam PinkGrillmaster,Brian Bartleby Quivels,Chives
4Patrick SerranoHot Doug
5Dan WrightMickey Mordant,Scottish Cop,Butler
6Garrett KellyBecker, Teenager
7Tristan TannerVidalia,JoAnne
8Austin CampionInner Lizard,Judge Luvi,Raw
9Drew CurrentPeter LeSeurdmin,Burt Sugar,Robber
10Rasheeda MooreNicole
  • Yes to everything in this film by 10

    This film is so funny and awesome. It's smart, witty, and violent. LeSeurdmin sees the world like most people-full of crap but what are you going to do? Until he unwillingly becomes a super hero and makes the world suck a little less.

    Solid movie.