Lie huo ying xiong (2019)

Lie huo ying xiong (2019)
  • 566
  • PG-13
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2019 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Lie huo ying xiong
  • Voted: 566

Chinese firefighters struggle to contain a huge fire after an oil pipeline explodes.

  • Lousy Chinese movie by 3

    Cringe worthy, some bad effects, horrible acting. Only China giving it good reviews. Truly appalling.

  • Intense Action Film Filled with Emotion by 9

    THE BRAVEST accomplishes the extremely difficult feat of delivering stunning, edge-of-your-seat action along with intimate emotional moments and very appealing characters you can feel for and root for. Even though it's set in China and subtitled it feels absolutely universal, so you can lose yourself entirely in the story no matter where you're from. And it's not afraid to make you cry. First rate, eye-popping summer entertainment about real heroes rather than superheroes. A great time at the movies!

  • rigid propaganda film by 3

    The rigid propaganda film fully embodies the reality of the current system that only contends for contempt and only calls for rigid slogans, regardless of whether it is black and white. From the beginning, it shows a logical black hole. The firefighting needs to take the bridge. The fire brigade is set up unreasonably. The hot pot restaurant is on fire, which means that a lot of oil and water are fired.

  • chinese melodramatic heroism by 6

    This is far away a theatrial melodrama of dimensions, that gives you a pampered roller coaster ride of heroism and grief.

    its based on true happenings back in august 2015, and the film didnt mention that 170+ fatalities and 700 + injuries batteling the fire. far to little has leaked out on this incidenjt so we must embrace the film that has been made, because the fire and the action inbetween the saluting and words of wisdome are very well made.

    if you like firebattling in the danger zone, do watch this , the grumpy old man did. by all means recommended

  • Beautiful and poignant film. by 10

    This film was based on true events and shows that heroism exists no matter what country or color you are from. Those who deride this as "propaganda" need to open their minds instead of letting their ethnic prejudices pollute their thinking.

1Tony Chandirector
2Chao Wangwriter