Life Feels Good (2013)

Life Feels Good (2013)
  • 2530
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2013 ()
  • Running time: 112 min
  • Original Title: Chce sie zyc
  • Voted: 2530

The story of a boy suffering from cerebral palsy and his troubled growing up during Poland's transition in the 1980s and 90s.

1Dawid OgrodnikMateusz
2Dorota KolakMateusz's Mother
3Arkadiusz JakubikMateusz's Father
4Helena SujeckaMatylda
  • Jovial movie about a tragedy that makes you feel good about life by 9

    Based on story of a person who was falsely diagnosed with cerebral palsy. If you thought it is a melancholic movie then you are can't be wrong any more. It is full of jovial scenes and I feel it is aptly called Life feels good. There are scenes which will move you emotionally. Especially when the lead character views tragedies of his life as help that people are trying to do to him. It is in complete contrast to how people in general look at the happenings in their life. This movie will make you feel that life indeed feels good. I would like to make special mention of the lead character who has played his part to perfection.

  • Engrossing about everything... by 9

    Mateusz's woman, Absolutely, Life feels good is the best Polish movie I have ever seen. This movie could be shock to people. Some parts is heavy nevertheless movie is about emotional true story. I don't want talk about movie's the main subject. I want to talk Oscar awards how is unfair...Because this movie was American movie could won some Oscar especially Dawid Ogrodnik and Kamil Tkacz..I have got question for all who seen "The Theory of Everything" .What is difference between Eddie Redmayne (who won Oscar) and Dawid Ogrodnik ? Even I thought that Dawid Ogrodnik is a paralyzed person indeed. Other section is about soundtracks. Soundtracks was great, stunning...!

  • Touching, realistic, magical by 10

    Dawid Ogrodnik has done a wonderful job performing the main character, Mateusz, whose very personal story intersects with important socio-political transformations in Poland. Nothing was too much obvious or predictable in the narrative. A pinch of magic realism, a good portion of well acted psycho-drama, and aesthetic camera shots. For me this movie was about the need of being understood, and the power of communication that happens beyond the words. A beautiful story about life.

  • Theory of illness/understanding by 8

    Inside the mind of someone who's not able to actually really express himself. It's a tough gig and something that was a winning gig at the Oscars earlier this year. This little polish movie never got the attention "Theory of Everything" received, but is played at least as well and is at least as tough to watch as the other movie.

    Actually the main actor has an even tougher job, since he never is able to talk (contrary to Mr. Hawking). Also the "growing" he's doing is visible and painful at the same time. Seeing someone who seems to be able to feel and connect and is imprisoned at the same time, is more than tough on the viewer. Watch if you are able to stomach that ...

  • I'm not vegetable by 9

    There is no intentionally sensational and inspirational, bit kind of like calmly narrating a person's life. But the themes conveyed by the film are indeed common. All of us are eager to be understood and to be recognized, but will we also encounter loving parents and people who patiently understand and listen?

1Pawel Dylluscinematographer
2Bartosz Chajdeckicomposer
3Maciej Pieprzycadirector
4Krzysztof Szpetmanskieditor
5Wieslaw Lysakowskiproducer