Limelight (2011)

Limelight (2011)
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  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2011 ()
  • Running time: 103 min
  • Original Title: Limelight
  • Voted: 437

A documentary on former New York City club owner .

2Michael Alig\N
  • An Interesting Peek Through an NYC Gloryhole by 7

    This was an entertaining and informative look at the history of the Manhattan club scene, which contradicts the popular notion that this period of culture primarily consisted of Studio 54 and the also-ran clubs. It is also an insightful glimpse at the rise and fall of MDMA's impact on nightclub life; something that many people do not and cannot fully appreciate.

    As to one reviewer's complaint that the film is mainly composed of old TV footage and interior shots (what exactly is wrong with that?) of the clubs central to the story: what was the director Mr. Corben supposed to do, get into his time machine and set-up new shots? The documentary made good use of existing film records, without a lot of shot duplication, something that plagues many films which rely on available stock footage.

    This documentary is worth your time, especially if you have ever ingested real MDMA and then gone out dancing.

  • BADDDDD Web of lies by 1

    I used to party at these clubs and Peter G did not get what he deserved. This man hosted the venue for people to sell drugs and have a good time. My first time at one of his clubs I was 16 and was offered E within the first 10 in of being there. THIS MOVIE IS ALL LIES!!! This documentary is clearly bias as it was made by his daughter and makes every attempt to make Gatien look like a victim. If you've partied at his clubs in the past I would suggest I would suggest watching all of 15 min of this movie to get a good laugh. If not its total BS and totally not worth watching. Great times at the clubs but baddd interpretation of the truth.

150 Centarchive_footage
2Jay Zarchive_footage
3Ralf Gonzalezcinematographer
4Alexa Harriscinematographer
5Trisha Solyncinematographer
6Billy Corbendirector
7Jen Gatienproducer
8Alfred Spellmanproducer