Love Beats Rhymes (2017)

Love Beats Rhymes (2017)
  • 773
  • R
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 106 min
  • Original Title: Love Beats Rhymes
  • Voted: 773

When struggling rapper Coco (Azealia Banks) enrolls in a poetry class, she thinks her rhymes will impress her teacher, Professor Dixon (Jill Scott). Instead, Dixon challenges Coco to seek real meaning in her lyrics, setting her on a journey of discovery that takes her through rap clubs and poetry slams, leading her to find her true voice - and true love - in this uplifting movie costarring Lucien Laviscount.

1Daniella De JesúsTomboyish Latina
2John David WashingtonMahlik
3Lorraine ToussaintNichelle
  • A solid film by 8

    Brilliantly directed and acting was very well-done. Jill Scott and especially Azealia Banks were outstanding in their performances. Hope to see more of Ms. Banks in future films! Her talent and charisma really shines through. The only major downside of the movie was probably the romance which happened very suddenly and spontaneously, as there was not enough development between the two characters and it seemed a tad unconvincing. Aside from the romance and a semi-predictable plotline, the movie makes for an enjoyable quick watch and is definitely worth checking out.

  • This Is Not A Musical And Yet Enjoyable by 7

    Let me start by saying that going in, I was expecting something different. Perhaps because I was just going off the title and hadn't seen any previews for it. As it turns out, I feel that was a good thing because I see this as a Romance/Drama. Listing this under Musical is way off in my opinion. Music and Poetry are the driving element that push the movie along and give it a purpose to watch. That being said this is not a musical and nobody is going out to buy the Soundtrack.

    The story was well written and the pace of the movie didn't drag. The acting fell between decent and very good. I watched it twice a will probably watch it again (but not anytime soon). I would recommend it to others but wouldn't label it as a high priority or a must watch. For me I would say it's a 6 to 7 but others may see it somewhere between 5 and 6.

    Some things I liked:1. Craig muMs Grant - guest appearance, dropping some poetry.2. Jill Scott - She was a force to be reckoned with the last 00:38:23 - her poem was a beast mode.3. Last 00:38:23 - the last third of the movie was perfect pace, acting, music.

    Some things that lowered my rating. First 01:06:37 1. Bass - just too much and served no purpose (and I breathe HipHop, but damn)2. Music - there was music playing all the time in the background. 3. Jill Scott - I love everything about this lady but her acting "SUCKED" for the first 01:06:37 (and yes, I triple checked the time.4. No Cut Scenes - 2 or 3 minutes of cuts scenes of her and her father listening to old HipHop would have better served the movie. Injecting it into the dialogue made it feel disconnected.5. NUYORICAN Poetry - They hijacked the movement and presented everything but a NYRican. I've seen them perform and personally know the passion and work they put into their craft, it would have been nice to see them being represented in their own forum.

  • Great story, great acting, great directing by 10

    I didn't expect much from this movie but I was blown away by this film. The acting, story and directing were top notch. A truly gorgeous film by RZA. Azealia Banks also brought her A game. Definite must watch!

  • Loved it by 10

    Love this film, azealia is pure talent and has great potential.

  • Formulaic plot doesn't spoil a great film by 7

    So.. any film that starts with a rap battle is an instant turn-off for me. But this is neither a story of how life is tough in the streets, or how women are strong. Like step up movies, there is quite a formulaic plot, but unlike those films, the acting is great.. natural and simple. The lead is a good actress. The poetry and rap is good, and really gives body to the film. There is a real love of the content shown by the writers and director. I thought it was touching and made me realise myself that I was missing poetry and needed to keep expression and feeling in my life. Some famous faces in there, and erm, it just seemed to fit together well in a very satisfying way. I wanted to give it an 8, but it just doesn't have the intrigue that could be created with a better storyline. If you like art and have feelings of some type, watch the film.

1Joseph Whitecinematographer
2Richard Gibbscomposer
4Paul Hallproducer
5Nicole Asherwriter
6Nicole Jefferson Asherwriter