Love Fiction (2012)

Love Fiction (2012)
  • 339
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2012 ()
  • Running time: 121 min
  • Original Title: Leo-beu-pik-syeon
  • Voted: 339

A writer meets an attractive woman and falls in love on first sight. Will there love last? Goo Joo-wol is a writer and a part-time as a bartender. He's currently working on his second novel, but stuck with a bout of writer's block. Joo-Wol then accompanies the president of his publishing company to Berlin on a business trip as a translator. On his last day in Berlin, Joo-Wol attends a party for movie industry insiders. Joo-Wol, bored with the party, steps outside to smoke a cigarette. A woman named Hee-Jin then walks next to him and smokes a cigarette. Joo-Wol falls in love on first sight. Back in Seoul. Hee-Jin finds a letter and a flower basket awaiting for her on her desk. Hee-Jin reads the letter from Joo-Wol and finds it funny. Meanwhile, Joo-Wol waits and waits for her phone call. Finally, Joo-Wol gets the phone call from Hee-Jin. The soon-to-be couple will meet for the second time.

1Jung-woo HaGoo Joo-wol
2Hyo-Jin KongHee-jin
3Byung-joon LeeMulti Man
4Hie-bong JoDirector Kwak
5Jin-hee JiJoo-ro
6Won-tae Choi\N
7In-Na YooSoo-jeong
8Do-won KwakDirector
  • A Different Kind of Romantic Comedy by 7

    No one's written a review yet, so I'm compelled to. The Korean film industry has turned out some great stuff in recent years. Though "Love Fiction" doesn't go at the top of my list (that's reserved for "My P.S. Partner," with the inimitable Ji Sung), it's still a smart, quirky, funny film.

    We get to know the characters well--a writer with a serious romantic streak and the woman he falls for at first sight. They're original characters, though we don't get to know the heroine (played by the awesome Gong Hyo-Jin) as well as the hero. We follow the beginning and first year or so of their relationship in a meandering way. Sometimes the unfocused plot delivers marvelous, hilarious scenes, like a really unforgettable funeral service and the best discussion of female underarm hair ever. Other times it doesn't seem clear where we're going or if we're going anywhere. And perhaps we aren't: the denouement is abrupt and feels inconclusive.

    The hero is a writer whose detective story protagonist sometimes appears and converses with him. This conceit works well, especially since this imaginary mentor has a habit of quoting the great European writers of the nineteenth century. (Werther comes up a lot. How can I not like a movie that keeps mentioning Young Werther?) What works less well are the scenes set entirely within the hero's hard-boiled detective novel. Luckily, the visits to imagination-land are short.

    The mood of "Love Fiction" is more comic than romantic. The unusual secondary characters and the laid-back style give it a slice-of-life vibe. It doesn't deliver an emotional punch or much narrative tension, but you'll remember the oddball characters.

  • My younger self would have liked it by 8

    This is an ok film. When I was young I used to find movies like this very cool, I would have loved it. But now that I'm old I can only see it as pretentious nonsense, it tired me to watch and the sheer banality of the self centred musings of a pretentious writer made my blood boil. I guess I'm tired and impatient. To be honest I don't like writer characters, it's been done. Naturally the young Gong Hyo-jin is majestic and beautiful, but she's limited here to be the pretentious writer's muse who happens to embody the girl in the (writer of the) writer's imagination, a pretend girl that acts and says her lines on cue as the foil for his clever ripostes. I apologise. So it seems eight stars is too much but its merits warrant eight - because it's hardly fair to review a film years after it was made and for Gong Hyo Jin's appearance, it's interesting how she seems to have assimilated a few of Ha Jung-woo's delivery mechanisms and made then her own to great effect in other works (or maybe it's the other way round, he copied her?) - based on this movie alone, I guess they were an item (Googles out of curiosity... yes, probably).

    P.s. Is under-arm hair a taboo in Korea, what's the big deal?

1Yeong-min Kimcinematographer
2Kye Soo Jeondirector