Lupe (\N)

Lupe (\N)
  • 92
  • TV-MA
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: \N ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Lupe
  • Voted: 92

A Cuban immigrant struggles with their transgender identity while searching for their missing sister in New York City's underground sex industry.

1Carlotta SummersKat
2Christine RosarioElsa
3Amanda TreppaStreet walker 1
4Claudia MunizWoman in hotel
  • I love real life independent films by 10

    My favorite films are lower budget independent films because you really have a chance to see the acting, directing and the story...and the filmmakers and actors did a great job at capturing real life. A lot of people wonder about gender identity because they don't have to personally struggle with it. This film may offer some insight into some of that struggle. Very well done.

  • in search of... by 6

    A female relative, that vanished years ago, a man goes hunting the sexual underground world to find her. the hunt ends up in new york, trailing the street prostitutes for help in his search.

    its a grell description of life in the poor vicinities of rural cuba,, where inbreds and sex crimes within the family nest, and children exported for sale on the sexual marketplace makes the tone of it all. its also a film about sexual identity, with limelight spread onto transgenderism, but also to other ways of sexual preference and lifestyle.

    its a story with loads of flashbacks, that demands quite a bit of attention and a whole lot of vivid fantasy from yourself to fill the loopholes of the script. there are loads off male and female nudity, sexual activity and all kinds of bare knuckle violence and partially its very well developed in the self identity processes. its a film shifting between english and cubano, and may feel difficult to follow caused by bad cc's. but its a well acted, down to earth tell tale for the grown up part of the audience. at least you learn that searching for lost person in the city of new york aint easy,, cause remember its a big city...

    this is a film as far away as you can get from comedy, its not original at all, but it works cause its a well made human story, so a 6 from the grumpy old man, with a little recommend if you like this genrestrain.

1Andre Phillipsdirector
2Charles Vuolodirector
3Andrew Jamesproducer
4Leigh Lanochaproducer
5Celia Harrisonwriter
6Andre Phillipswriter